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Author: Christopher Taylor
Publication Date: 5月 26 2020
Pages: 72
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook

The Return of UWB: Chip Forecast in Smartphones, Automotive, Industrial & More

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Report Summary:

UWB is back, this time with volumes already in the tens of millions of units per year with the launch of the Apple iPhone 11.  Advances in UWB radios and semiconductor fabrication, along with new standards and certification, will help guarantee success in smartphones, automotive systems, factory automation, and a host of applications requiring low power consumption, secure short-range transactions and unprecedented indoor location precision.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary5
2.    Why UWB?6
3.    Technology7
  3.1    UWB Defined7
  3.2    Fundamentals of UWB7
  3.3    Regulations9
  3.4    UWB System Requirements11
  3.5    Approaches to UWB11
4.    History14
  4.1    The First Wave14
  4.2    The Second Wave17
5.    UWB Standards19
  5.1    IEEE 802.15.3a (Defunct)19
  5.2    IEEE 802.15.4a22
  5.3    IEEE 802.15.4z (DRAFT)23
  5.4    Cellular: 3GPP Release 15, 16 and 1726
6.    Applications28
  6.1    Applications by Business Segment28
  6.2    System Providers30
  6.3    UWB Chip Companies33
7.    Forecast Scenario47
  7.1    Unit Forecast47
  7.2    Sales Forecast48
  7.3    Sales Forecast by Application50
  7.4    Market Share50
  7.5    Forecast Table52
8.    Summary & Conclusions53
9.    Appendix: Patents54
10.    How Can We Help You?72

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