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Author: Asif Anwar
Publication Date: 4月 25 2018
Pages: 53
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook



Electronic Warfare Market and Technology Outlook 2017-2027

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics forecasts the global electronic warfare market will grow to $20.0 billion in 2027, at a CAGR of 3.6% driven by operational requirements towards establishing freedom of action in contested and congested environments, and countering modern agile radar and communications. The associated market for semiconductors/components for RF-based EW systems will grow at CAGR of 8.4%.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

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3.       Global Electronic Warfare Expenditure

3.1     Regional EW Expenditure

3.2     EW Market by Domain

3.3     EW Shipments by Domain

3.4     EW Market Outlook by Segment/Function

4.       EA Market Demand and System Outlook

4.1     EA Market Outlook by Function

4.2     EA Market by Frequency

4.3     EA Market by Power

4.4     Semiconductor Demand from RF-based EA Systems

5.       EWS Market Demand and System Outlook

5.1     EWS Market Outlook by Function

5.2     EWS Market by Frequency

5.3     EWS Market by Power

5.4     Semiconductor Demand from RF-based EWS Systems

6.       Major EW Program Overview by Country

6.1     USA

6.1.1       The US Army Multi-Domain Detachments

6.1.2       The US Army IEWS Program

6.1.3       The US Army EW Planning & Management Tools (EWPMT) Program

6.1.4       The US Army Multi-Function EW (MFEW) Program

6.1.5       The US Army Defensive Electronic Attack (DEA) Program

6.1.6       The US Army PROPHET Program

6.1.7       The USMC Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System (MEWSS) Program

6.1.8       The USAF F-35 EW Program

6.1.9       The USAF ANSWER Program

6.1.10     The USAF ACE Program

6.1.11     The USN NGJ Program

6.1.12     The US Army NERVA Program

6.1.13     DARPA ARC Program

6.1.14     The USN SEWIP Program

6.1.15     The USN EWBM Program

6.2     Russia

6.2.1       Russian Military EW Capabilities

6.2.2       Major Russian EW Systems

6.3     China

6.3.1       Chinese PLA Airforce EW Programs

6.3.2       Chinese PLA Navy EW Programs

6.4     India

6.4.1       Indian Army Samyukta IEWS Program

6.4.2       Indian Army Sujay EW Program

6.4.3       Indian Army C-IED EW Programs

6.4.1       Indian Airforce UAV-based EW Program

7.       Conclusions

8.       Methodology

8.1     Definitions

9.      How Can We Help You?

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