A View of the Global Supply Chain for the Electronic Warfare (EW) Market

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Report Summary:

A reemergence of the “great power competition” has countries reassessing the allocation of defense budgets. Internal estimates at Strategy Analytics indicate that nearly $180 billion will be spent globally for Electronic Warfare (EW) development and support. This report addresses some of the EW activities at fourteen of the most significant defense contractors.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      Electronic Warfare (EW) Market Definitions

3.1     EW terminology

4.      Key EW Suppliers

4.1     BAE Systems

4.1.1       Electronic Support

4.1.2       Electronic Attack

4.1.3       Electronic Protection

4.1.4       Mission support

4.1.5       Fixed-wing platforms

4.1.6       Rotary wing platforms

4.1.7       Other platforms

4.1.8       Key products

4.2     Raytheon

4.2.1       Airborne Electronic Attack

4.2.2       Radar Warning Receivers

4.2.3       Decoys

4.2.4       Electronic Warfare Battle Management

4.2.5       Mobile Battle Management

4.2.6       EW Resources

4.3     Northrop Grumman

4.3.1       Airborne EW

4.3.2       Maritime EW

4.3.3       Maritime Information Warfare

4.3.4       Land Force Protection

4.4     Lockheed Martin

4.4.1       Surface EW

4.4.2       Ground EW

4.4.3       Airborne EW

4.4.4       Cyber EW

4.5     Boeing

4.5.1       EA-18G Growler

4.5.2       F-15 EPAWSS

4.5.3       F/A-18 IDECM

4.5.4       P-8A Poseidon EWSP

4.6     L3Harris

4.6.1       Integrated EW

4.6.2       Airborne EW

4.6.3       Ground Based EW

4.6.4       Maritime EW

4.7     Cobham

4.7.1       Electronic Attack (EA)

4.7.2       Electronic Protect (EP)

4.7.3       Electronic Support (ES)

4.8     Leonardo

4.8.1       Aircraft Gateway Processor (AGP)

4.8.2       ARIEL Towed RF Decoys

4.8.3       BriteCloud DRFM (Digital RF Memory) countermeasure

4.8.4       BriteEye

4.8.5       Compact Jamming System

4.8.6       Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System

4.8.7       Miysis DIRCM

4.8.8       Praetorian DASS (Defensive Aids Sub-System)

4.8.9       SAGE ESM (Electronic Support Measure)

4.8.10     SEER RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)

4.8.11     Spider Comint

4.9     Thales

4.9.1       On-board EWS

4.9.2       Naval Electronic Warfare Operational Support (NEWOS)

4.10   Saab Defense

4.10.1     Surface tactical ESM and ELINT systems

4.10.2     Naval Laser-Warning System (NLWS)

4.10.3     Radar warning

4.11   Elbit Systems

4.11.1     Airborne Self-Protection

4.11.2     Naval Self-Protection

4.11.3     Land Self-Protection

4.11.4     Strategic Command & Control

4.12   IAI Elta Systems

4.12.1     Airborne SIGINT & EW

4.13   Ground-Based SIGINT & EW

4.13.1     Naval SIGINT & EW

4.14   Rostec Group

4.14.1     EW Systems

4.14.2     KRET Holding Structure

5.      How Can We Help You?

Exhibit 3‑1                Types of EW Systems

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