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Author: Eric Higham
Publication Date: 10月 11 2018
Pages: 29
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook



RF GaAs Device Industry Forecast: 2017 - 2022

Report Summary:

In 2017, RF GaAs device revenue extended its upward trend by pushing past the $8 billion mark for the first time. Wireless applications continue to be the dominant source of this revenue, with cellular applications figuring prominently. We anticipate revenue exceeding $9.5 billion in 2022, driven by gigabit LTE and emerging 5G networks.
Table of Contents


1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      RF GaAs Market Forecast

3.1     Introduction

3.2     Market Overview

3.3     Merchant vs. Captive Revenue

3.4     MMIC vs. Discrete Revenue

3.5     RF GaAs MMIC Merchant Market by Applications

3.5.1       Military

3.5.2       Wireless Communications

3.5.3       Fiber Optic Communications

3.5.4       Consumer

3.5.5       Automotive & Misc.

3.6     Forecast by Frequency

4.      Discrete GaAs Device Forecast

4.1     Discrete GaAs Device Market: Merchant vs. Captive

4.2     Discrete GaAs Device Applications

4.2.1       Defense

4.2.2       Wireless Communications

4.2.3       Consumer

5.      How Can We Help You?

 Exhibit 3‑1                Total RF GaAs Device Revenue

Exhibit 3‑2                Total RF GaAs Device Revenue (Merchant versus Captive)

Exhibit 3‑3                Total RF GaAs Device Revenue by Device Topology

Exhibit 3‑4                RF GaAs MMIC Merchant Revenue by Application

Exhibit 3‑5                Wireless RF GaAs MMIC Merchant Revenue

Exhibit 3‑6                Merchant GaAs MMIC Revenue for Cellular Terminals

Exhibit 3‑7                2017 RF GaAs MMIC Merchant Market by Operating Frequency

Exhibit 3‑8                2022 RF GaAs MMIC Merchant Market by Operating Frequency

Exhibit 4‑1                Total RF Discrete GaAs Device Revenue

Exhibit 4‑2                Discrete RF GaAs Device Merchant Revenue by Application

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