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Author: Eric Higham
Publication Date: 10月 19 2018
Pages: 49
Report Type: Report, Word

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: July - September 2018

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Report Summary:

This quarter brings more generally positive financial results in this segment. Equipment and material manufacturers continue to identify VCSEL and LED manufacturing as a big driver, but hint at signs of production slowdowns. Product and process development continues for RF and power GaN and SiC capacity is expanding in response to growing acceptance.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       Skyworks Reports Q3 FY ’18 Financials

3.1.2       Qualcomm Reports Q3 FY ‘18 Financials

3.1.3       Richardson Electronics Reports Fourth Quarter 2018

3.1.4       SEI Reports Q1 FY ’18 Financials

3.1.5       MACOM Reports Q3 FY 2018 Financials

3.1.6       Qorvo Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

3.1.7       Skyworks to Acquire Avnera Corporation

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       Custom MMIC Expands Product Portfolio

3.2.2       Richardson RFPD Introduces MRI Protection Diode from MACOM

3.2.3       Custom MMIC Introduces 2-6 GHz LNA

3.2.4       Qorvo Introduces IoT SiP

3.2.5       Skyworks Launches Family of FEMs for LPWAN IoT and Industrial Applications

3.2.6       Richardson RFPD Introduces 10W SPDT from UMS

3.2.7       Skyworks Launches LTE Front-End Module for IoT Applications

3.2.8       MACOM Releases DC to 30 GHz SPDT Non-Reflective RF Switch

3.2.9       MACOM Develops Surface Mount LNA

3.2.10     MACOM Expands Power Detector Family

3.3     Other

3.3.1       Akoustis Completes Qualification for Single Crystal BAW RF Filter Products

3.3.2       Advantech Wireless Receives Defense Order

3.3.3       Custom MMIC Hires New SVP and CFO

3.3.4       Akoustis Announces BAW RF Filter Design Win

3.3.5       Skyworks Appoints New Board Member

3.3.6       Baylin Alga Microwave Receives Order for GaAs-based BUCs

3.3.7       Advantech Wireless Unveils C-band Low Noise Block Converter

3.3.8       Pasternack Introduces SPDT PIN Diode RF Switches

3.3.9       Anokiwave Appoints New VP of Sales

4.      Power Devices

4.1     New Products

4.1.1       VisIC Technologies Announces 9kW GaN Half Bridge

4.1.2       Wolfspeed Launches E-Series Family of SiC MOSFETs and Diodes

4.1.3       Toshiba Releases MOSFET Family for Automotive Applications

4.1.4       EPC Launches eGaN Power Transistor

4.1.5       Teledyne e2v HiRel Launches 650V/60A GaN FET

4.1.6       Delta Uses Transphorm GaN FETs to Shrink Power Supplies

4.1.7       Littelfuse Launches 1700V SiC MOSFETs

4.1.8       Wolfspeed Expands Power Amplifier Family

4.2     Other

4.2.1       Reedholm in WBG Collaboration with Texas State University

4.2.2       Raytheon Demos Small X-Band Precision Approach Radar

4.2.3       Northrop Grumman Delivers First G/ATOR System to US Marine Corps

4.2.4       Fujitsu Successfully Triples the Output Power of Gallium-Nitride Transistors

4.2.5       GaN Systems and PowerSphyr Collaborate on Wireless Charging Systems

4.2.6       EpiGaN Showcases GaN Epiwafer Solutions for 5G

4.2.7       X-FAB Doubles 6-Inch SiC Foundry Capacity

4.2.8       PowerAmerica Issues Call for Wide-Bandgap Technologies Projects

4.2.9       Mission Microwave Receives SATCOM Orders

4.2.10     US Air Force to Transfer GaN Technology to BAE Systems

4.2.11     Fraunhofer IAF Partakes in “5G GaN2” EU Project

4.2.12     STMicroelectronics and Leti to Co-develop GaN-on-Si

5.      Materials & Equipment

5.1     Business

5.1.1       IQE Wireless Business Unit Renews Major Contract with Tier 1 Customer

5.1.2       AXT Announces Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

5.1.3       AIXTRON Announces Financial Results for First Half and Second Quarter 2018

5.1.4       RIBER Growth Continues Over First Half of 2018

5.1.5       Lam Research Reports Results for Quarter Ended June 24, 2018

5.1.6       KLA-Tencor Reports Fiscal 2018 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results

5.1.7       Orbotech Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results

5.1.8       Veeco Instruments Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results

5.1.9       Axcelis Reports Second Quarter 2018 Results

5.1.10     IQE Reports H1 2018 Results

5.2     Contracts

5.2.1       Riber Receives MBE Production System Order

5.2.2       Changelight Orders Additional AIXTRON Systems

5.2.3       AIXTRON Delivers MOCVD Technology to NexGen Power Systems

5.2.4       Nova Materials Metrology Solution Selected for 5nm Technology Node

5.2.5       Plessey Chooses AIX G5+ C MOCVD Tool

5.3     Other

5.3.1       EV Group Accelerates 3D-IC Packaging Roadmap with Wafer Bonding Technology

5.3.2       Epistar Spins Off Foundry Subsidiary Jingcheng Semiconductor

5.3.3       SILTECTRA Demonstrates COLD SPLIT Wafer Thinning of GaAs

5.3.4       Leti and Soitec Launch a New Substrate Innovation Center

5.3.5       5N Plus Doubles Production Capacity in Semiconductor Engineered Materials

5.3.6       MRSI Launches MRSI-HVM3P Die Bonder for New Photonics Applications

5.3.7       Agnitron Presents MOCVD Growth Capability for Gallium Oxide Switches

5.3.8       Oxford Instruments Supplies Plasma Etch System to Sino-semic

5.3.9       MRSI Launches MRSI-H3LD Die Bonder

5.3.10     HLJ Orders AIXTRON AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD Systems

5.3.11     Veeco Announces Changes to Executive Leadership Team

5.3.12     CSA Catapult Secures First Commercial Agreement

6.      Silicon Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       TSMC Reports Q2 FY 2018 Financials

6.1.2       UMC Reports Q2 FY ’18 Financials

6.1.3       Fujitsu Reports Q1 FY ‘18 Financials

6.1.4       Maxim Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

6.1.5       NXP Reports Q2 FY ’18 Financials

6.1.6       Cypress Reports Q2 FY 2018 Financials

6.1.7       TowerJazz Reports Q2 FY 2018 Financials

6.1.8       Microchip Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

6.1.9       Analog Devices Reports Q3 FY ’18 Financials

6.1.10     Kaga Electronics acquires Share in Fujitsu Electronics

6.1.11     pSemi Reorganizes and Promotes Two Directors to VPs

6.1.12     ON Semiconductor Completes Additional Share Purchase of Fujitsu Wafer Fab

6.2     New Products

6.2.1       pSemi Develops Monolithic, SOI Wi-Fi Front-end Module

6.2.2       IDT Releases First Integrated CMOS Chipset for 200G/400G SR Datacom Modules

6.2.3       Ampleon Develops 1.6kW RF Power Transistor

6.2.4       Ampleon Launches Expands Gen9HV LDMOS Transistor Family

6.2.5       NXP Triples its 65 V LDMOS Offering for RF Power

6.3     Other

6.3.1       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Seeing Fast Adoption of 22FDX Technology

6.3.2       Infineon Ships Five Billionth CMOS RF Switch

6.3.3       Akoustis Adds First CBRS Customer

6.3.4       Innosilicon Bitcoin ASIC Built Using Samsung Low-power FinFET Technology

6.3.5       Mid-Year Global Semiconductor Sales Up 20.4% Compared to 2017

6.3.6       TowerJazz Showcasing SiGe and Silicon Photonic Processes

6.3.7       EU Researchers Describe Graphene–Silicon Phase Modulator

6.3.8       Allegro Secures UMC Wafer Capacity to Support Projected Growth

6.3.9       Sanan IC Extends III-V Foundry Geographical Coverage

6.3.10     Lattice Semiconductor Appoints New CEO

6.3.11     GlobalFoundries Refocusing FINFET Development Activities

6.3.12     NXP Reorganizes Leadership Team to Support Profitable Growth

6.3.13     New Fabs Reach an All-Time Spending High

6.3.14     GLOBALFOUNDRIES Delivering RF SOI Chips on 300mm Wafers

7.      Optoelectronic Devices

7.1     Business

7.1.1       Inphi Announces Second Quarter 2018 Results

7.1.2       Infinera to Acquire Coriant

7.1.3       Sony Reports Q1 FY ’19 Financials

7.1.4       Luna Innovations Reports Record Second Quarter 2018

7.1.5       Luna Innovations Divests its Optoelectronic Solutions Business to OSI Systems

7.1.6       NeoPhotonics Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

7.1.7       Lumentum Reports Fourth Quarter 2018 Financial Results

7.1.8       Oclaro Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results

7.1.9       II-VI Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

7.1.10     Cree Reports Q4 and FY ’18 Financials

7.1.11     POET Technologies Reports Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

7.1.12     II-VI Completes Acquisition of CoAdna Holdings

7.1.13     Finisar Reports First Quarter 2019 Results

7.1.14     Applied Optoelectronics Updates Third Quarter 2018 Revenue Guidance

7.1.15     Molex Announces Acquisition of Nistica Business

7.2     Datacom

7.2.1       Finisar to Expand 3D VCSEL Production Capacity

7.2.2       imec Demos Hybrid FINFET-Silicon Photonics Technology

7.2.3       MACOM to Demonstrate 200G/400G Optical Module Chipset Solution

7.2.4       MACOM Launches Single-chip TX/RX for 100G Bidirectional Optical Connectivity

7.2.5       MACOM Announces New Portfolio of 25G Lasers for Wireless Fronthaul

7.2.6       II-VI Unveils Dual Port Pluggable OTDR

7.2.7       Emcore Introduces Laser Module For 5G Wireless

7.2.8       II-VI Introduces Compact Uncooled 980nm Pump Lasers

7.2.9       Fujitsu Boosts Optical Data Transfer Throughput

7.2.10     Oclaro Announces High-Speed Lasers for Access and Wireless Networks

7.2.11     Oclaro to Demo 100-200G Coherent CFP2-DCO at ECOC

7.2.12     DSFP Transceiver MSA Releases Hardware Specification Rev. 1.0

7.2.13     100G Lambda MSA Updates 100Gb/s Specifications

7.3     Other

7.3.1       IQE Announces Milestone for NanoImprint Lithography Technology

7.3.2       II-VI to Expand Manufacturing Capacity

7.3.3       Synopsys and IMECAS Collaborate to Offer Silicon Photonics in China

7.3.4       Inphi Samples 100Gbps Single-Lambda PAM4 Platform Solution

7.3.5       EU Project to Use VCSELs in High Speed Communications

7.3.6       Skyworks Optocouplers Enable Next Generation Heart Defibrillators

7.3.7       VI Systems Unveils Circular VCSEL Chip Array for Sensing Applications

7.3.8       POET Appoints Senior VP of Strategic Marketing and Product Management

7.3.9       Vertical-cavity Resonant Near-Green Lasing of Indium Gallium Nitride

7.3.10     HHI and Lumerical Build an Ecosystem for Photonic Integrated Circuits

7.3.11     Osram Launches its First VCSEL

7.3.12     Lumerical Collaborates with Mentor on PDK for TowerJazz SiPho Process

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