Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: July - September 2016

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Report Summary:

Revenue results continue to be positive, but a stumble by one industry leader demands more scrutiny. Despite slowdowns in China, the optical/broadband market segment is growing. Supporting the optical market growth, several companies announced products and modules to enable the rapid increases in network data rates.
Table of Contents


1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       Skyworks Announces Quarterly Dividend

3.1.2       Skyworks Solutions Reports Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

3.1.3       Win Semi Expects 3Q16 Revenues to Increase

3.1.4       MACOM Reports Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

3.1.5       Microsemi Reports Third Quarter 2016 Results

3.1.6       SEI Reports Q1 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.7       Qorvo Reports Q1 FY’17 Financials

3.1.8       II-VI Reports Q4 & FY ’16 Financials

3.1.9       AWSC Announces Stock Buyback

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       Skyworks Expands Antenna Aperture Tuning Switches

3.2.2       Custom MMIC Launches 2-20 GHz Wideband Distributed Amplifier

3.2.3       Plextek RFI Announces GaN MMIC Reference Design

3.2.4       Akoustis Produces First Single Crystal BAW Filter

3.2.5       UMS Develops 24 GHz Transceiver

3.2.6       Richardson RFPD Introduces Power Amplifiers

3.2.7       Pasternack Introduces Coaxial Voltage Variable Attenuators Product Line

3.2.8       NuWaves Engineering Announces Power Amplifier

3.2.9       Skyworks Launches RF Switches for Connected Home Applications

3.2.10     Fairview Microwave Introduces SPDT PIN Diode Switches

3.2.11     Skyworks Launches Wi-Fi Switches

3.2.12     Pasternack Announces Line of High-Rel Frequency Dividers

3.2.13     Custom MMIC Announces Two Wideband Driver Amplifiers

3.2.14     Richardson RFPD Introduces Driver Amplifier

3.2.15     MACOM Expands Surface-Mount Amplifier Family

3.2.16     MACOM Adds Family of 75-ohm 5-1218 MHz Amplifiers

3.2.17     Skyworks Develops FEM for Smart Energy & IoT

3.2.18     Custom MMIC Launches Two New Non-Reflective Switches

3.2.19     MACOM Launches Plastic-packaged LNAs

3.2.20     MACOM Expands its MMIC PA Portfolio

3.2.21     Skyworks Launches Family of GPIO-controlled RF Cellular Switches

3.2.22     Qorvo Launches Control Products for DOCSIS 3.1

3.2.23     MACOM Launches Amplifier Family

3.2.24     Fairview Microwave Debuts New Line of GaAs MMIC IQ Mixers

3.2.25     Qorvo Technology Enables Higher-Performance, GaN Discrete LNAs and Drivers

3.2.26     Qorvo Launches GaN Power Amplifiers for Radar Systems

3.3     Contracts

3.3.1       Levarys Chooses Qorvo's ZigBee Chips for Smart Home Energy Management

3.3.2       Skyworks Powers LG's Next Generation Connected Car Solutions

3.4     Other

3.4.1       Airbus Defence & Space Receives Contract for GaN Satellite Amplifiers

3.4.2       Skyworks Appoints New VP of Investor Relations

3.4.3       Qorvo Supports Over Twenty 5G Field Trials

3.4.4       Roke Opens Second UK Office

3.4.5       Renesas Electronics to Exit the Microwave Semiconductor Device Business

3.4.6       Skyworks Acquires Remaining Stake in Panasonic Filter JV

3.4.7       U.S. Army Awards Grant to Morgan State for Electronics Research

3.4.8       Akoustis Announces Technology Milestone

3.4.9       Anokiwave Appoints Director of Asia-Pacific Sales

3.4.10     TowerJazz & TPSCo Develop CMOS Image Sensor Technology

3.4.11     Skyworks Appoints CFO

3.4.12     Anokiwave Adds Chief Operating Officer

3.4.13     Raytheon to Transition GaN Technology to Production

4.      Power Devices

4.1     New Products

4.1.1       Toyoda Gosei Develops High Voltage/High Current GaN Power Semiconductors

4.1.2       Rohm Launches 1700V SiC MOSFET

4.1.3       Integra Announces GaN Amplifiers for Aerospace Radar Applications

4.1.4       IXYS Develops 1200V SiC Power MOSFETs

4.1.5       Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Introduces DrMOS Power Modules

4.1.6       IXYS Announces 2.8kV Thyristor

4.1.7       Toshiba Announces High-Voltage MOSFET Family

4.1.8       IXYS Develops High Power Laser Diode Driver Module

4.1.9       Mitsubishi Electric Launches 220W GaN HEMT

4.1.10     Wolfspeed Completes C-band Radar Family with 70W GaN Amplifier

4.1.11     Toshiba Introduces Automotive N- channel Power MOSFET

4.1.12     VisIC Launches 650V GaN Switch Product Line

4.1.13     SAGE SatCom Delivers 12W Ka-band GaN Block-Up Converter

4.1.14     Advantech Wireless Releases Ka-Band SSPA/BUC

4.1.15     Tango Wave Introduces Ku-Band Power Amplifier for SNG

4.1.16     Murata Extends 6W DC-DC Converter Family

4.1.17     VisIC Launches 1200V Family of GaN Power Switching Devices

4.1.18     ABB Develops SiC-based Battery Charger for Trains

4.1.19     TMD Technologies Displays GaN RF Power Modules

4.1.20     Mitsubishi Electric to Expand Ku-band GaN HEMT Family

4.2     Other

4.2.1       US Army Awards GaN Front-end Grant to Raytheon

4.2.2       Infineon to Acquire Wolfspeed

4.2.3       University Project Develops Next-Generation Power Devices

4.2.4       EPC Announces eGaN Reliability Report

4.2.5       Advantech Wireless Increases Delivery Rate of GaN-based SSPAs & BUCs

4.2.6       Raytheon Designs GaN-Based AESA Radar for U.S. Army

4.2.7       Dialog Semiconductor Enters GaN Power Market

4.2.8       GaN Systems Founders Retire

4.2.9       ACAPITAL Invests in EpiGaN

4.2.10     CPI Receives Contracts for GaN-Based Solid-State BUCs

4.2.11     Telcodium Partners with Transphorm on Redundant GaN FET Power Supplies

4.2.12     North Carolina State University Develops SiC-based Inverter

4.2.13     e2v to Supply Hi-rel GaN Transistors from GaN Systems

5.      Silicon Devices

5.1     Business

5.1.1       Inphi Sells Memory Business to Rambus

5.1.2       MaxLinear Completes Acquisition of Broadcom Wireless Backhaul Business

5.1.3       TowerJazz Extends Partnership with JA Mitsui

5.1.4       Analog Devices to Acquire Linear Technology Corporation

5.1.5       Intersil Corporation Reports Second Quarter Results

5.1.6       Infineon Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.7       TowerJazz Reports Q2 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.8       ON Semiconductor Extends Tender Offer to Acquire Fairchild Semiconductor

5.1.9       Microchip Reports Q1 ‘17 Financials

5.1.10     Rubicon Reports Second Quarter Results

5.1.11     Analog Reports Devices Q3 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.12     NXP Receives MOFCOM Approval for Divestiture of Standard Products Business

5.2     New Products

5.2.1       Peregrine Semiconductor Unveils GaN FET Driver

5.2.2       HELLA Expands Its Radar-Based Driver Assistance Portfolio

5.2.3       Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces RF Mixer

5.2.4       Infineon Introduces 800V CoolMOS P7

5.2.5       e2v & Peregrine Semiconductor Introduce FRAC-N PLL

5.2.6       ADI Expands Standard RF & Microwave Product Portfolio

5.2.7       TRAK Adds X-Band Synthesizer Up-Converter

5.2.8       Microchip Announces DSC6000 MEMS Oscillators

5.3     Other

5.3.1       European Project Aims to Extend RF-SOI Performance

5.3.2       Peregrine Appoints New GM

5.3.3       Cypress Names New CEO

5.3.4       Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Acquire Silicon Graphics International

5.3.5       Peregrine Expands Patent Portfolio

5.3.6       Lockheed Martin Selects Microsemi Oscillators for Satellite Program

5.3.7       SIA Announces Rebound of Global Semiconductor Sales in July

6.      Optoelectronic Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       EMCORE to Issue Special Dividend

6.1.2       RUAG Sells Opto-electronics Line to Thales Alenia Space

6.1.3       Oclaro Announces Fourth Quarter & Fiscal Year 2016 Results

6.1.4       EMCORE Announces Third Quarter Results

6.1.5       NeoPhotonics Announces Second Quarter Results

6.1.6       Cree Announces Q4 & FY ’16 Financials

6.1.7       POET Announces Second Quarter Financials

6.1.8       Finisar Announces First Quarter 2016 Results

6.1.9       Oclaro Prices Public Offering of Common Stock

6.2     Datacom

6.2.1       Ricoh Develops 200W Fiber-Coupled VCSEL Module

6.2.2       Broadcom Samples NVMe over Fibre Channel HBA Solution

6.2.3       Mitsubishi Electric Announces 25 Gbps DFB Laser

6.2.4       II-VI Ramps Volume Production of LAN-WDM Optics

6.2.5       Discovery Semiconductors Introduces 5 GHz Photodiodes

6.2.6       Mellanox Announces 25Gb/s Transceivers & AOCs

6.2.7       Kaiam Launches WDM Transceiver Platform

6.2.8       Academic/Industry Team Achieve 1 Tb/s

6.2.9       Inphi Announces 64GBaud Linear Coherent TIA

6.2.10     ColorChip Shipping 100G QSFP28 Transceivers

6.2.11     MACOM Announces 100Gbps Chip-Set Solution

6.2.12     Luxtera Ships One Millionth Silicon Photonic Transceiver Product

6.2.13     Oclaro to Demonstrate 400GBASE-LR8 CFP8 Transceiver

6.2.14     4WDM MSA Group to Drive Development of 10, 20 & 40km 100G

6.2.15     Ranovus Demonstrates 4.8 Tbps DWDM Solution

6.2.16     Finisar Demo's First Suite of Extended-reach 100Gb/s QSFP28 Modules

6.2.17     Finisar Introduces 64 Gbaud Integrated Coherent Receiver

6.2.18     NeoPhotonics Launches 64 Gbaud Micro-Intradyne Coherent Receiver

6.2.19     GigPeak Samples 32Gbps Dual-channel Linear Coherent TIA

6.2.20     GigPeak Announces Record Shipments

6.2.21     EMCORE Expands Production of L-EML-based Transmitters

6.3     Other

6.3.1       University of Glasgow Partners With Shanghai Lingang Science & Technology

6.3.2       Panasonic Increases Accuracy of IR Sensor Array

6.3.3       Infinera Validates Intelligent Transport Network Portfolio

6.3.4       Broadcom Develops Current Sensing Optocoupler

6.3.5       Rensselaer Polytechnic Researchers Develop Visible Light Link

6.3.6       Fujitsu & Fraunhofer HHI Develop Wavelength Conversion Technology

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