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Author: Eric Higham
Publication Date: 5月 30 2017
Pages: 50
Report Type: Report, Word


Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: January - March 2017

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Report Summary:

Revenue trends in this broad segment of the market are beginning to bifurcate. The RF device manufacturers saw quarterly drops in their financial performance after what is historically their biggest quarter, but optical companies saw strong sequential growth as that market continues to expand. Acquisition activity remains strong, as a number of deals were announced across the entire sector.
Table of Contents


1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

3.       MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       Skyworks Reports Q1 FY ‘17 Financials

3.1.2       II-VI Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.3       Qualcomm Reports Q1 FY ‘17 Financials

3.1.4       Microsemi Reports Q1 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.5       MACOM Completes Acquisition of AppliedMicro

3.1.6       MACOM Reports Q1 ’17 Financials

3.1.7       Qorvo Reports Q3 FY’17 Financials

3.1.8       SEI Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.9       GigPeak Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2016 Results

3.1.10     Analog Devices Reports Q1 FY ‘17 Financials

3.1.11     Broadcom Reports Q1 FY ’17 Financials

3.2     Contracts

3.2.1       Qorvo Announces RF Fusion Smartphone Design Wins

3.3     New Products

3.3.1       Qorvo Introduces Multi-Protocol System on Chip

3.3.2       Qorvo Introduces Family of Wi-Fi Front-End Modules

3.3.3       Custom MMIC Expands Amplifier Offerings

3.3.4       Custom MMIC Expands Distributed Amplifiers Family

3.3.5       Skyworks Unveils Next Generation SkyOne Ultra Solutions

3.3.6       Qorvo Introduces RF Front End Portfolio for Power Class 2

3.3.7       NuWaves Announces Low Noise Amplifier

3.3.8       Skyworks Unveils SkyOne Ultra 3.0

3.3.9       Qorvo Enables Gigabit Phone with RF Fusion Solutions

3.3.10     MACOM Announces SMT Millimeter Wave Switch

3.3.11     Qorvo Launches Spatium Amplifiers for Electronic Warfare

3.3.12     Skyworks Solutions, Western Digital Join Semiconductor Industry Association

3.3.13     Custom MMIC Offers Parts for Space Qualification

3.4     Other

3.4.1       Qorvo and ubisys Team on IoTivity Platform

3.4.2       Semiconductor Industry Association Announces New Members

3.4.3       Carbonics Launches Carbon Nanotubes to Challenge GaAs

3.4.4       U.S. DoD Expands Qorvo Microelectronics Trusted Source Status

3.4.5       Analog Devices Announces Changes to the Board of Directors

3.4.6       Skyworks Authorizes Stock Repurchase Program

3.4.7       Skyworks Names VP, Worldwide Operations

3.4.8       IDT Acquires GigPeak

3.4.9       Custom MMIC Surpasses 100 Standard Products in GaAs MMIC Portfolio

3.4.10     Anokiwave Announces Expansion in San Diego

3.4.11     Analog Devices Acquires OneTree Microdevices

4.       Power Devices

4.1     Business

4.1.1       Infineon Reports Q1 and FY ’17 Financials

4.2     New Products

4.2.1       Wolfspeed Introduces SiC MOSFET for EV Drive Trains

4.2.2       Toshiba Shipping Second-generation 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

4.2.3       EPC Announces eGaN FET Laser Driver Evaluation Board

4.2.4       TRAK Microwave Announces Ku-Band Transceiver

4.2.5       Navitas Debuts First GaN Power ICs

4.2.6       NuWaves Engineering Announces PA Modules

4.2.7       Navitas Produces Integrated Half-Bridge GaN Power IC

4.2.8       Wolfspeed Expands Third-Generation MOSFET Platform to 1200V

4.2.9       Mitsubishi Electric to Launch SiC Schottky-barrier Diode

4.2.10     Silego Expands GFET3 Integrated Power Switches Portfolio

4.2.11     Wolfspeed Introduces 60W GaN-on-SiC Power Amplifier

4.2.12     Mitsubishi Electric Develops SiC Inverter for HEVs

4.2.13     Efficient Power Conversion Expands eGaN FET Offering

4.2.14     GaN Systems Demonstrates Power Electronics Applications for GaN

4.2.15     Transphorm Announces First Automotive-Qualified GaN FETs

4.2.16     ON Semiconductor Launches 100V Bridge Power Stage Module

4.3     Other

4.3.1       VisIC Closes Series C Round of Financing

4.3.2       GaN Systems Joins AirFuel Alliance

4.3.3       Mouser Electronics Announces Distribution Agreement with United Silicon Carbide

4.3.4       EPC Opens eGaN FET and IC Applications Center

4.3.5       Advantech Wireless Receives SATCOM Contract

4.3.6       EPSRC Awards Grant to Develop GaN-On-Diamond Technology

4.3.7       Cree and Infineon Provide Wolfspeed Sale Transaction Update

4.3.8       Renesas Electronics Completes Acquisition of Intersil

4.3.9       Advantech Wireless Receives Order for Satellite SSPA System

4.3.10     Horizon 2020 Initiates GaNonCMOS Project

4.3.11     Littelfuse Increases Monolith Semiconductor Investment

4.3.12     RFHIC to Acquire Element Six GaN-on-Diamond Epiwafer Technology

4.3.13     U.S. Army Awards Contract to Develop SiC Power Electronics

4.3.14     Akash Systems Débuts GaN-on-Diamond Technology

4.3.15     Transphorm Introduces Its Silicon Valley Center of Excellence

4.3.16     Danfoss and GE Collaborate on SiC Power Module Production

5.       Silicon Devices

5.1     Business

5.1.1       TSMC Reports Q4 and FY 2016 Financials

5.1.2       UMC Reports Q4 and FY 2016 Financials

5.1.3       Fujitsu Reports Q3 FY ‘16 Financials

5.1.4       TowerJazz Reports Q4 and FY ’16 Financials

5.1.5       Lattice Semiconductor Acquisition Nears CFIUS Approval

5.2     New Products

5.2.1       NXP Semiconductors Launches New SiGe Wireless LAN LNAs

5.2.2       Renesas Electronics Unveils Automotive Radar Solution

5.2.3       MagnaChip Offers High Voltage Process Technology

5.2.4       Peregrine in Volume Production for 60 GHz RF SOI Switches

5.2.5       DST Group Develops 24-45 GHz SiGe Receiver

5.2.6       Analog Devices Announces CMOS RADAR Technology Platform

5.2.7       MaxLinear Showcases Family of Microwave Transceivers

5.2.8       MACOM Sampling X-Gene 3 Server-on-a-Chip Solution

5.2.9       Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces RF Switches

5.2.10     MACOM Introduces 64 Gbaud Surface Mount Linear Modulator Driver Family

5.2.11     Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces LED Driver ICs

5.3     Other

5.3.1       Global Semiconductor Sales up Year-to-Year

5.3.2       Toshiba to Split off Memory Business

5.3.3       Global Semiconductor Sales Reach Record Levels in 2016

5.3.4       Toshiba Starts Construction of Fab 6 and Memory R&D Center

5.3.5       Peregrine Opens Austin Development Center

5.3.6       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Introduces 45nm RF SOI Process

5.3.7       UMC Enters Mass Production for 14nm Customer ICs

5.3.8       TSMC Joins Semiconductor Research Corporation

5.3.9       Cypress Closes Sale of Minnesota Wafer Fabrication Facility

5.3.10     Renesas Electronics America Announces Organizational Changes

5.3.11     Qualcomm Extends Cash Tender Offer for All Outstanding Shares of NXP

5.3.12     ON Semiconductor Expands Automotive Sensing Portfolio with Radar Technology

5.3.13     ON Semiconductor Establishes Advanced Sensor Design Center

5.3.14     Former Intel Executive Takes Helm at Peregrine Semi

5.3.15     NXP Uses FD-SOI Technology for Applications Processors

5.3.16     Samsung Electronics Announces Ramp for 10nm FinFET Process

5.3.17     Peregrine Semiconductor Acquires Arctic Sand Technologies

5.3.18     TowerJazz Announces 300 GHz SiGe Technology

5.3.19     Microsemi to Close China Manufacturing Facility

5.3.20     TowerJazz Announces Silicon Photonic Process

5.3.21     MaxLinear to Acquire Exar in All-Cash Transaction

5.3.22     TowerJazz and TPSCo Release SOI Power Management Process

5.3.23     Toshiba Shareholders OK Chip Unit Sale

6.       Optoelectronic Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       Oclaro Expecting Quarterly Revenue at High End of Guidance

6.1.2       Cree Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

6.1.3       Inphi Reports Q4 and FY 2016 Results

6.1.4       EMCORE Announces Financial Results for First Quarter

6.1.5       NeoPhotonics Reports Fourth-quarter 2016 Results

6.2     Datacom

6.2.1       NeoPhotonics Completes Sale of Business to APAT Optoelectronics

6.2.2       ams Completes Transaction to Acquire Heptagon

6.2.3       NeoPhotonics Launches 28GBaud EML with Integrated Driver

6.2.4       II-VI Unveils Pluggable OTDR for Embedded Network Monitoring

6.2.5       OSI Laser Diode Introduces InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode

6.2.6       NeoPhotonics Sampling PAM4-Based 400G Pluggable CFP8 Transceiver Module

6.2.7       II-VI Unveils Z-block Optics for 100 Gb/s Datacenter Transceivers

6.2.8       II-VI Announces 25 Gb/s Detector Chip Arrays

6.2.9       NeoPhotonics Sampling 8x16 Multi-Cast Switch Modules

6.2.10     MACOM Shows Optoelectronic and Photonic Solutions

6.2.11     Finisar Adds 100 GHz C-band Balanced Photodetector

6.2.12     Inphi Sampling 64GBaud Quad Linear Mach-Zehnder Modulator Driver

6.2.13     Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 100Gbps APD-ROSA

6.2.14     Industry Group Forms Multi-Source Agreement for Shortwave WDM

6.2.15     MaxLinear Introduces 64Gbaud Linear Transimpedance Amplifier

6.2.16     Lumentum Adds Two New 100G Transceiver Families

6.2.17     Inphi Announces Production Ramp of ColorZ

6.2.18     MACOM Announces Integrated Laser Drivers for 28G SFP28 Optical Modules

6.2.19     GigPeak Announces 200Gbps Chipset Ethernet Product Portfolio

6.2.20     MACOM Announces PAM-4 Technology Chipset for Data Center Connectivity

6.2.21     MACOM Announces L-PICTM Chipset

6.2.22     Inphi Develops 32GBaud Quad Linear TIA and Driver Chipset

6.2.23     Inphi Announces 64GBaud Dual Channel Linear TIA/VGA Amplifier

6.2.24     Oclaro Expands Lithium Niobate Modulator Portfolio

6.2.25     Emcore Develops 10G Laser and Photodiode Chips

6.3     Other

6.3.1       II-VI Suwtech Launches 20W GaAs Pump Laser Modules

6.3.2       nLIGHT Introduces Multi-Mode Diode Laser

6.3.3       DenseLight Develops Narrow Linewidth Lasers

6.3.4       Fujitsu and University of Toronto Develop Referenceless CDR

6.3.5       Kaiam to Acquire III-V Facility

6.3.6       ams to Acquire Princeton Optronics

6.3.7       Hamamatsu Completes New Building to Increase Opto Production Capacity

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