Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: April - June 2017

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Report Summary:

This was an uneven quarter for financial results, as leading semiconductor companies recover from the holiday quarter. The foundry segment continues to spend money as WIN Semiconductors expands its compound semiconductor foundry capacity and GLOBALFOUNDRIES announces a 7nm silicon process. Millimeter wave product announcements reflect activity aimed at 5G networks.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Business

3.1.1       Integrated Device Technology Announces Acceptance of GigPeak Tender

3.1.2       MACOM Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.3       Microsemi Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.4       Skyworks Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.5       Fujitsu Reports Q4 and FY ’16 Financials

3.1.6       II-VI Reports Q3 FY ’17 Financials

3.1.7       Qorvo Reports Q4 and FY’17 Financials

3.1.8       Analog Devices Reports Devices Q2 FY ‘17 Financials

3.1.9       Epec Acquires RF Manufacturer Putnam RF Filters

3.1.10     Custom MMIC Expands Partnership with X-Microwave

3.2     Contracts

3.2.1       Sierra Wireless IoT Modules Employ Skyworks Devices

3.2.2       Cobalt Digital Selects MACOM Equalizer

3.2.3       MACOM’s 12G-SDI Equalizer/Cable Driver Selected for SDI Converter

3.3     New Products

3.3.1       Pasternack Launches IQ Mixers with 4-38 GHz RF and LO Frequency Bands

3.3.2       ST and Autoroad Showcase 77/79 GHz Automotive Radar with SiGe Front-end ICs

3.3.3       Advantech Wireless Wins Order for GaN-based SSPAs and BUCs

3.3.4       Skyworks Launches LNA

3.3.5       MACOM Expands Integrated AlGaAs PIN Diode Switch Portfolio

3.3.6       AtlanTecRF Launches 0.5 to 20 GHz Miniature ASY Synthesisers

3.3.7       Pasternack Launches GaAs HBT Low-Phase-Noise Amplifiers

3.3.8       MACOM Expands 12.5 Gbps Digital Crosspoint Offering

3.3.9       Custom MMIC Announces Passive GaN Mixer

3.3.10     MACOM Announces DC-28 GHz LNA

3.3.11     MACOM Expands CATV Amplifier Family

3.3.12     Richardson RFPD Announces Power Amplifiers from MACOM

3.3.13     Richardson RFPD Introduces Tunable Bandpass Filter

3.3.14     Skyworks Launches DPDT Antenna Swap Switch

3.3.15     Pasternack Releases Free-Running Reference Oscillators

3.3.16     Richardson RFPD Introduces Test & Measurement Solutions from Microsemi

3.3.17     Qorvo Expands CATV Portfolio

3.3.18     Advantech Wireless Releases C-Band Modular Satellite SSPA System

3.3.19     Qorvo Announces 39 GHz Dual-Channel GaN FEM

3.3.20     Microsemi Expands its Plastic-packaged and Bare Die GaAs MMIC Portfolio

3.3.21     Qorvo Develops GaN-on-SiC Transistors for Tactical and Public Safety Radios

3.3.22     Qorvo Announces BAW Filters for Smart Home and Enterprise Applications

3.3.23     Qorvo Introduces High-Power BAW Filter

3.3.24     Diamond Microwave Introduces X-Band GaN SSPA Models

3.3.25     Analog Devices Introduces Wideband GaN MMIC Power Amplifier

3.3.26     Skyworks Unveils LAA/LTE-U Solution for Small Cells

3.3.27     MicroWave Technology Announces pHEMT MMIC High Power Amplifier

3.3.28     Richardson RFPD Introduces Synthesizer with Integrated VCO

3.3.29     BeRex Introduces GaAs Mixers

3.3.30     Northrop Grumman Announces New GaN Power Amplifiers

3.4     Other

3.4.1       Raytheon Receives GaN Technology Radar Upgrade Award

3.4.2       Analog Devices and Renesas Electronics Collaborate on Automotive Radar

3.4.3       Lockheed Martin Passes Radar Preliminary Design Review

3.4.4       Lockheed Martin to Add Air Defense to AN/TPQ-53 Counter-Fire Radar

3.4.5       WIN Semiconductors Completes Phase 2 Fab Expansion

3.4.6       MACOM Demonstrates ‘RF Energy Toolkit'

3.4.7       Thales UK Designs GaN PA for MAGNUS Program

3.4.8       imec Develops Normally-off Power Devices

3.4.9       WIN Semiconductors Develops GaAs PIN Diode MMIC Process

3.4.10     Qorvo Beijing Earns Automotive ISO Quality Certification

4.      Power Devices

4.1     New Products

4.1.1       Littelfuse and Monolith Semiconductor Present 1200V SiC Devices

4.1.2       IXYS and Leiden Announce Dual 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes

4.1.3       Mitsubishi Electric Expands X-Series HVIGBT Module Family

4.1.4       Analog Devices Expands PA Module Family

4.1.5       Richardson RFPD Announces SiC Power MOSFET from Wolfspeed

4.1.6       Infineon Expands StrongIRFET Family

4.1.7       Ampleon Showcases LDMOS and GaN RF PA Portfolio

4.1.8       Fraunhofer IAF Develops Monolithic Multi-Level Power Converter

4.1.9       STMicroelectronics Launches 1200V SiC Diodes

4.1.10     GaN Systems Develops E-HEMT PFC Reference Design

4.1.11     Toshiba Expands Low-Voltage MOSFET Portfolio

4.1.12     EpiGaN Showcases 200mm GaN-on-Si Epiwafers

4.1.13     Diodes Inc Introduces Gate Drivers

4.1.14     Wolfspeed Develops All-SiC 1.2kV Power Module

4.1.15     Infineon Announces Volume Production of First Full-SiC Module

4.1.16     Bel Power Develops AC-DC Power Supply with Transphorm GaN FETs

4.1.17     EPC Develops GaN Half-bridge

4.1.18     Navitas Issues 150W AC-DC GaN Power IC Reference Design

4.1.19     NXP Releases RF LDMOS Solution

4.1.20     TI Introduces Bidirectional Power Reference Design for UPS

4.1.21     Richardson RFPD Announces GaN-on-SiC HEMT from NXP

4.1.22     NXP Introduces Power Transistor for 915 MHz Applications

4.1.23     TI Introduces GaN Inverter for Servo Drive Design

4.2     Other

4.2.1       EPC Issues Ninth Reliability Report

4.2.2       Fraunhofer IAF Makes First Monolithic 600V GaN Half Bridge

4.2.3       X-FAB and Exagan Produce GaN-on-Si Devices on 200mm Wafers

4.2.4       Microsemi and Analog Devices Collaborate on Scalable SiC MOSFET Drivers

4.2.5       Raytheon GaN-based AESA Radar Breaks 1,000 Hour Mark

4.2.6       Roy Chang Joins EPC from Transphorm

4.2.7       David French Joins VisIC Board from NXP

5.      Silicon Devices

5.1     Business

5.1.1       TSMC Reports Q1 FY ‘17 Financials

5.1.2       Qualcomm Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.3       Maxim Reports Q3 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.4       UMC Reports Q1 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.5       NXP Reports Q1 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.6       TSMC Board Approves Funding for Capacity Expansion

5.1.7       Infineon Reports Q2 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.8       TowerJazz Reports Q1 FY ’17 Financials

5.1.9       Qualcomm Extends Cash Tender Offer for NXP

5.2     New Products

5.2.1       NXP Announces New 65V LDMOS Technology

5.2.2       Richardson RFPD Introduces New Airfast RF LDMOS Transistor from NXP

5.2.3       Analog Devices Announces RF Synthesizers to 13.6 GHz

5.2.4       TI Announces Single-chip Millimeter Wave Sensor Portfolio

5.2.5       Linear Technology Develops SiGe-based Differential Amplifier

5.2.6       Richardson RFPD Introduces Monolithic Phase & Amplitude Controller

5.2.7       Analog Devices Expands RF Mixers Portfolio

5.2.8       Analog Devices Announces Isolated Gate Drivers

5.2.9       ADI Announces SiGe Mixer

5.2.10     Melexis Announces Dual Die Latch and Switch Sensor

5.2.11     Anokiwave Introduces 39 GHz Silicon 5G Active Antenna ICs

5.3     Other

5.3.1       Global Semiconductor Sales Up in March

5.3.2       Samsung Completes Development of 10nm FinFET Process Technology

5.3.3       First Quarter 2017 Silicon Wafer Shipments Increase

5.3.4       Collaboration Aims to Improve ASIC Supply Chain

5.3.5       Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 21% Year-to-Year in April

5.3.6       GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announces 7nm FinFET Technology

5.3.7       UMC CEO to Retire

5.3.8       Analog Devices Announces Senior Executive Team

5.3.9       imec Demos Sub-10nm Germanium Gate-all-around FETs

6.      Optoelectronic Devices

6.1     Business

6.1.1       POET Reports Full-year 2016 Results

6.1.2       Cree Reports Q3 FY ’17 Financials

6.1.3       EMCORE Announces Results for Second Quarter 2017

6.1.4       NeoPhotonics Reports First Quarter 2017 Results

6.1.5       POET Technologies Announces Results for First Quarter 2017

6.1.6       Renesas Reports Q1 FY ‘17 Results

6.1.7       SEI Reports Q4 and FY ’16 Results

6.1.8       Cree Chairman and CEO to Step Down

6.1.9       II-VI Acquires Integrated Photonics

6.2     Datacom

6.2.1       APIC Introduces 20 GHz RF over Fiber Analog Transmitter

6.2.2       AIM Photonics Announces IP Licensing Deal with IBM

6.2.3       Toshiba Expands Family of SO6L Package IC Photocouplers

6.2.4       Toshiba Develops Low Power Consumption Automotive Photocoupler

6.2.5       Infinera Validates Infinite Capacity Engine Over Subsea Cable

6.3     Other

6.3.1       Sivers IMA Acquiring CST Global

6.3.2       CST Global Leads CoolBlue Next-generation GaN Laser Research Project

6.3.3       Kaiam Completes Newton Aycliffe Fab Deal

6.3.4       LETI Exhibits GaN-Based Video Micro Display

6.3.5       EMCORE to Introduce RF over Glass Optical Networking Unit Transceiver

6.3.6       II-VI Unveils 10 kW Fiber Laser Combiners

6.3.7       II-VI Ramps Production of 18W Pump Laser Diodes

6.3.8       II-VI Introduces 600W Direct Diode Laser Engine

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