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Author: Eric Higham
Publication Date: 8月 15 2016
Pages: 55
Report Type: Report, Word

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: April - June 2016

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Report Summary:

Revenue increases in this broad sector tend to be generally positive, but the net income of some of the companies involved in big acquisitions saw very large declines. GaN RF development continues, but LDMOS is being released that operates to 3800 MHz. The high power electronics market is seeing significant development for GaN, SiC and silicon as that market grows.

Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      MMICs

3.1     Company Results

3.1.1       II-VI Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.2       MACOM Reports Q2 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.3       Fujitsu Reports Q4 and FY ’15 Financials

3.1.4       Microsemi Reports Q2 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.5       Skyworks Reports Q2 FY ‘16 Financials

3.1.6       Mitsubishi Electric Financial Results for Fiscal 2016

3.1.7       Qorvo Reports Q4 and FY’16 Financial Results

3.1.8       Analog Devices Reports Q2 FY ’16 Financials

3.1.9       Broadcom Reports Q2 FY ’16 Results

3.2     New Products

3.2.1       Skyworks Unveils Next Generation SkyLiTE Solutions

3.2.2       MACOM Introduces Broadband MMIC Power Amplifier

3.2.3       MACOM Develops 2nd Generation 12G-SDI Equalizer Family

3.2.4       NuWaves Engineering Announces 10W Power Amplifier Module

3.2.5       Pasternack Expands Portfolio of PIN Diode Switches

3.2.6       Skyworks Introduces Next Generation Wi-Fi Solutions

3.2.7       Qorvo Unveils New Software Development Kit for Smart Home Gateways

3.2.8       MACOM Expands MMIC Portfolio with 1W Power Amplifier

3.2.9       Custom MMIC Develops the BroadRange Distributed Amplifier Family

3.2.10     Qorvo Introduces 50V GaN Transistors for Phased Array Radars

3.2.11     Qorvo Announces Small Cell PA Family

3.2.12     Arralis Debuts 94 GHz Transmit and Receive Core Chips

3.2.13     Microsemi Showcases 15 New RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Devices

3.2.14     Custom MMIC Introduces Devices at IMS 2016

3.2.15     Skyworks Introduces Family of Small Cell Amplifier Solutions

3.2.16     Qorvo Expands GaN-on-SiC PA Family

3.2.17     Qorvo Unveils DOCSIS 3.1 CATV Power Doubler Modules

3.2.18     Richardson RFPD Introduces X-band GaN Power Amplifiers from Qorvo

3.2.19     MACOM Develops Quad-channel Linear Driver for 28Gbaud PAM-4

3.2.20     Richardson RFPD Introduces 80–100 GHz GaAs Amplifier from MACOM

3.2.21     MACOM Expands Portfolio of Linear Power Amplifiers

3.2.22     Custom MMIC Develops Wideband Balanced Driver Amplifier

3.2.23     Custom MMIC Expands BroadRange Distributed Amplifier Family

3.3     Other

3.3.1       Qorvo to Acquire IoT Solution Provider GreenPeak Technologies

3.3.2       MACOM and Amphenol Support Ross Video for 12G SDI openGear Platform

3.3.3       Keysight Technologies Enters Strategic Collaboration with San'an-IC

3.3.4       Mercury Systems Completes Acquisition of Microsemi Businesses

3.3.5       Skyworks Appoints New CEO

3.3.6       RJR Technologies Ships 10 Millionth Air-cavity Plastic RF Package

3.3.7       Qorvo and NanoSemi Demonstrate Linearization for Massive MIMO

3.3.8       Richardson RFPD to Distribute GaN Systems Power Devices

3.3.9       Qorvo Announces Appointment of CFO

3.3.10     Genstar Capital to Acquire Pasternack & Fairview Microwave

3.3.11     II-VI Sells RF Assets of Anadigics


4.1     New Products

4.1.1       TI Develops 600V GaN Power Stage for Power Conversion

4.1.2       Mitsubishi Electric Develops HVIGBT Module

4.1.3       Mitsubishi Electric Ships Intelligent Power Modules

4.1.4       EPC Partners on Radiation Hardened GaN Power Conversion Systems

4.1.5       Peregrine Semiconductor Expands MPAC–Doherty Product Family

4.1.6       Norsat Announces Block Upconverter & LNBs

4.1.7       Wolfspeed Releases GaN HEMT Die

4.1.8       Comtech Xicom Technology Introduces GaN Block Upconverter

4.1.9       Ampleon Develops 1400W CW RF Transistor

4.1.10     Pasternack Announces 50W Coaxial GaN Power Amplifier

4.1.11     Wolfspeed Introduces Online SiC Circuit Simulation Tool

4.1.12     Wolfspeed Introduces SiC Half-Bridge Power Module

4.1.13     Littelfuse Launches LFUSCD Series SiC Schottky Diodes

4.1.14     Infineon Presents Power Modules for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

4.1.15     Toshiba Unveils SiC Schottky Diodes

4.1.16     Ampleon Announces RF Transistor Air Cavity Packaging

4.1.17     Advantech Wireless Develops 10kW Pulsed Amplifier

4.1.18     MACOM Announces 300W Plastic-packaged GaN Power Transistor

4.1.19     STMicroelectronics Introduces SiC Power Devices

4.1.20     Ampleon Expands GaN RF Transistor Family

4.1.21     Diamond Microwave Launches GaN X-Band SSPAs

4.1.22     Ampleon Announces Power Amplifier Pallets

4.1.23     Peregrine Semiconductor Demonstrates MPAC-Doherty Device

4.1.24     Fairchild Launches Discrete and Die IGBTs for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

4.1.25     Ampleon develops 250W Reference Design for RF Energy Applications

4.1.26     Intersil Plans to Extend Radiation-Tolerant GaN Portfolio

4.1.27     NXP Expands GaN Power Transistor Portfolio for Defense Applications

4.1.28     NXP Enlarges 48V GaN RF Power Transistors Family

4.1.29     NXP Grows LDMOS RF IC Portfolio

4.1.30     VisIC Announces 650V GaN Devices

4.1.31     IXYS Introduces 40V High-Current MOSFETs

4.1.32     IXYS Launches High Power Laser Diode Driver

4.1.33     TT Electronics Introduces SiC Power MOSFETs

4.1.34     IXYS Announces High-Speed Gate Driver

4.2     Other

4.2.1       Raytheon UK & Newcastle University Develop SiC-based Analog Circuitry

4.2.2       US Air Force Funding Development of Larger Diameter SiC Materials

4.2.3       Wolfspeed GaN RF Devices Demonstrate Reliability for Harsh Space Environments

4.2.4       CISSOID Delivers SIC MOSFET Power Module

4.2.5       MACOM Initiates Legal Action against Infineon Technologies

4.2.6       IQE Joins imec GaN-on-Si Industrial Affiliation Program

4.2.7       Ampleon Unveils Small Cells and Massive MIMO PA Portfolio

4.2.8       Global Power Technologies Signs Agreement with Richardson Electronics

4.2.9       Mitsubishi Electric Teams With NextGen RF Design

4.2.10     STMicroelectronics Develops Portable Car Charger

4.2.11     Comtech Receives Order for Solid-State Power Amplifiers

5.      Silicon Devices

5.1     Company Results

5.1.1       TSMC Reports Q1 FY ‘16 Financials

5.1.2       Maxim Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.3       NXP Reports Q1 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.4       UMC Reports Q1 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.5       Infineon Reports Q2 FY ’16 Financials

5.1.6       Microchip Reports Q4 and FY ’16 Results

5.1.7       ON Semi Reports Q1 2016 Results

5.1.8       TowerJazz Reports Q1 FY ’16 Financial Results

5.1.9       SEI Reports Q4 and FY ’15 Financial Results

5.1.10     SOITEC FY’16 Results

5.2     New Products

5.2.1       Intersil Introduces Radiation-Tolerant Multiplexers

5.2.2       TowerJazz Announces its SiGe Terabit Platform

5.2.3       Richardson Electronics Introduces Wideband Attenuators from IDT

5.2.4       IDT Introduces Family of RF Mixers

5.2.5       Sierra Wireless & Richardson RFPD Sign Global Distribution Agreement

5.2.6       Microsemi Announces PROTO FPGAs

5.2.7       TowerJazz Begins Production of SiGe "Front-End Module on a Chip"

5.2.8       Purdue Develops SOI CMOS PA

5.2.9       IDT Launches SPDT RF Switches

5.2.10     Peregrine Semiconductor Announces RF SOI Mixer

5.2.11     Imec and Infineon Develop 79 GHz CMOS Radar Sensor Chips

5.2.12     GLOBALFOUNDRIES Develops 130nm SiGe RF Technology

5.2.13     Peregrine Introduces Monolithic Beamforming Device for X-Band Radar Applications

5.2.14     Maxim Develops Bi-Directional Digital Isolators

5.2.15     Intersil Adds Radiation Tolerant GaN Power Conversion ICs

5.2.16     Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Silicon RF High-Output MOSFET Modules

5.2.17     TI Introduces FemtoFET N-channel Power MOSFET

5.2.18     Richardson RFPD Announces UltraCMOS SPDT RF Switch from Peregrine

5.3     Other

5.3.1       GigOptix Acquires Magnum Semiconductor

5.3.2       Maxwell Technologies Agrees to Sell Microelectronics Product Line

5.3.3       Cypress Semiconductor CEO Steps Down

5.3.4       Global Semiconductor Sales Increase Slightly in March

5.3.5       Toshiba Nominates New CEO

5.3.6       Maxim Integrated Products Elects New Chairman

5.3.7       ON Semiconductor Extends Offer to Acquire Fairchild Semiconductor

5.3.8       X-Microwave Adds Peregrine Semiconductor’s RF Products

5.3.9       North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Book-to-Bill Ratio Increases

5.3.10     Silvaco Enters IP Market with Acquisition of IPextreme

5.3.11     Global Semiconductor Sales Decrease in April

5.3.12     NXP Semiconductors to Divest its Standard Products Business

5.3.13     AMS Acquires Sensor Start up

5.3.14     Inphi Announces Sale of Memory Business to Rambus

6.      Optoelectronic Devices

6.1     Financial

6.1.1       GigOptix Reports Q1 FY ’16 Financials

6.1.2       Cree Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

6.1.3       Sony Reports Q4 & FY ’16 Financials

6.1.4       Murata Reports Q4 and FY ‘16 Financials

6.1.5       NeoPhotonics Reports Q1 Financials

6.1.6       Oclaro Reports Q3 FY ’16 Financials

6.1.7       Finisar Reports Fourth-quarter 2016 Results

6.2     Datacom

6.2.1       POET Technologies to Acquire BB Photonics

6.2.2       Emcore Receives RFoG Purchase Order

6.2.3       EMCORE Introduces 1550nm DOCSIS 3.1 CATV Transmitter

6.2.4       ADVA Optical Networking to Collaborate to Embed III-V Lasers on Silicon

6.2.5       EU Project Targets Multi-Terabit Chip-To-Chip Communications

6.2.6       VI Systems to Report on 100 Gbit/S VCSEL Transmission

6.3     Other

6.3.1       POET Technologies Demonstrates Resonant Cavity Detector Performance

6.3.2       Necsel Acquires PD-LD

6.3.3       KVH Developing Low-Cost Fiber-Optic Gyro for Automotive Applications

6.3.4       DENSO Invests in TriLumina

6.3.5       Richardson RFPD Introduces SDI Video & Optoelectronics Products from MACOM

6.3.6       POET Acquires DenseLight

6.3.7       Broadcom Announces Gate Drive Optocouplers

6.3.8       ACCESS Project Claims Record Radio Transmission

6.3.9       Emcore Appoints New Board Member

6.3.10     Intel Invests in Tyndall National Institute

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