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Author: Eric Higham
Co Author: Christopher Taylor
Publication Date: 5月 01 2018
Pages: 44
Report Type: Forecast and Outlook

5G Developments and What They Mean for the Compound Semiconductor Industry

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Report Summary:

5G network deployments will begin in 2018, with user equipment reaching nearly 270 million devices and base stations growing to nearly 1.8 million sectors by 2022. The 5G vision represents a transformative change that could be the next growth engine for the compound semiconductor industry. This report looks at some of the product developments and remaining challenges for 5G.
Table of Contents

1.      Executive Summary

2.      Introduction

3.      5G

3.1     The Backdrop to 5G

3.2     The 5G Vision

3.3     The 5G Network

3.4     5G Network Realization

3.4.1       MIMO

3.4.2       Beamforming/Beam Steering

3.5     5G Massive MIMO Architecture

3.5.1       Beamforming Architectures and Technology

3.5.2       Architecture Implications on Technology

4.      5G Frequency Plan

5.      Progress and Challenges

5.1     Millimeter Wave RF Components

5.2     Network Equipment

5.3     User Equipment

5.4     The Business Case

6.      Forecasts

7.      How Can We Help You?


Exhibit 3‑1                Evolution of the Cellular Network

Exhibit 3‑2                2017 Data Consumption Forecast

Exhibit 3‑3                Features of the 5G Vision

Exhibit 3‑4                Some Goals for the 5G Vision

Exhibit 3‑5                5G Network Concept

Exhibit 3‑6                5G Network Enablers

Exhibit 3‑7                Shannon-Hartley Theorem

Exhibit 3‑8                Spatial Multiplexing in MIMO

Exhibit 3‑9                Shannon-Hartley Theorem with Massive MIMO Arrays

Exhibit 3‑10              Antenna Techniques for Beamforming and MIMO

Exhibit 3‑11              Beam Steering

Exhibit 3‑12              Massive MIMO Base Station

Exhibit 3‑13              Massive MIMO Array Architecture

Exhibit 3‑14              Types of Beamforming

Exhibit 3‑15              DC Power vs. Array Size at 28 GHz

Exhibit 3‑16              Which Technologies are Appropriate?

Exhibit 4‑1                5G Frequencies

Exhibit 4‑2                A 5G Deployment Scenario

Exhibit 5‑1                5G Schedule

Exhibit 5‑2                Anokiwave Silicon Quad Core Chip

Exhibit 5‑3                Qorvo Dual Channel GaN Front End Module

Exhibit 5‑4                Power Amplifier PAE Performance vs. Frequency

Exhibit 5‑5                Gapwaves Waveguide Antenna

Exhibit 5‑6                5G Millimeter System from Infineon

Exhibit 5‑7                Millimeter Wave Phased Array Antenna from TaoGlas

Exhibit 5‑8                Samsung 28 GHz 5G Fixed Wireless Access Equipment

Exhibit 5‑9                Qualcomm 5G Module Solution

Exhibit 5‑5                The Operator Dilemma

Exhibit 5‑6                5G Use Cases

Exhibit 5‑7                The Need for Network Slicing

Exhibit 6‑1                5G User Equipment Forecast

Exhibit 6‑2                5G Base Station Sectors

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