Author: Kevin Mak

Publication Date: 12月 07 2016

Pages: 32

Report Type: Report, Word


Automotive Ethernet: Vehicle Platform Strategies, Standards and New Applications to Boost Demand

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics attended the IEEE Ethernet Conference in Paris held in October 2016.  From insights from across the automotive industry, interest in Ethernet has now increased from one auto maker to several others.  There is also a widening of the supply of components and an increasing number of applications benefiting from or enabled by the use of Ethernet.  However, cost and technical challenges remain, and the demand forecast for Ethernet will remain limited to mostly luxury auto brands and the high model segments in mature markets for at least the near term.

An Excel datafile containing the key forecast data is available by clicking here.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Challenges to Ethernet
    1. High Cost
    2. Industry Practice
    3. Competing High-Bandwidth Solutions
      1. MOST
      2. HDBaseT
    4. Bandwidth Requirements
  4. Applications for Ethernet
    1. Diagnostics
    2. Back-Up and Surround View Cameras
    3. Smart Antenna
    4. ADAS and Backbone Architectures
    5. Audio-Video-Bridge
  5. Enablers for Ethernet
    1. Vehicle Platforms
    2. Standardization
      1. 2017 Ethernet Standards
    3. Interoperability
    4. Wider Supply Pool
    5. Data Security
  6. Ethernet Demand Forecast
    1. Overall Ethernet Market
      1. Ad Hoc Implementation
      2. Vehicle Platform Implementation
    2. AVB and Infotainment Demand
    3. ADAS Camera
    5. Ethernet-Enabled Architectures
    6. Diagnostics Port

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