Author: Ed Sanchez

Publication Date: 5月 20 2019

Pages: 33

Report Type: Report, Word



USB Type-C: Standard Brings Faster Charging, Data Bandwidth to Autos

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Report Summary:

The USB Type-C connectivity standard makes its appearance in the automotive space, and sees a rapid adoption ramp among mass-market models. The standard brings the promise of higher-power charging for mobile devices to laptops and larger electronics. However, higher costs relative to Type-A (2.0) demand a pragmatic look for appropriate implementations.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Current Implementations

 2.1.1    Non-Exhaustive List of Current Vehicles Offering USB-C
 2.1.2    Vehicles due for major redesign/introduction, likely candidates to have USB-C
 2.1.3    Charging Potential (theoretical)
3.    USB Type-C Market Forecasts
 3.1    USB Type-C Global Shipments
 3.2    USB Type-C Global Attach Rate
 3.3    USB Type-C Global Attach Rate by System Type
 3.4    USB Type-C Cost/Benefit vs. Type-A/2.0
4.    USB Type-C Silicon Suppliers
 4.1    Analog Devices
  4.1.1    Analog LT8390, LT8390A
 4.2    Cypress
 4.3    Microchip
 4.4    NXP
 4.5    ON Semi
  4.5.1    STR-USBC-2PORT-100W-EVK
 4.6    Texas Instruments
 4.7    STMicroelectronics
  4.7.1    STUSB4700
5.    USB Type-C Hardware Suppliers
 5.1    Richtek
 5.2    TE Connectivity
6.    Conclusions
7.    How Can We Help You?

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