Author: Greg Basich

Publication Date: 7月 27 2018

Pages: 30

Report Type: Report, Word


Blockchain Technologies: Automaker & Supplier Developments

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Report Summary:

Companies in the auto industry are investing time and development effort in Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. As is the case in many industries, the auto industry is interested in the potential for this technology for offering new services, tracking vehicle and driver data, making transactions more secure, and for supply chain logistics.

This report provides an overview of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and examines how these technologies are being implemented by automakers and automotive-specific third-parties.

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Blockchain and DLT Overview

 2.1    What are Blockchain and DLT Networks?
 2.2    What are Blockchain and DLT Networks for?
 2.3    Cryptocurrencies vs. Other Uses
3.    Automotive Blockchain and DLT Activities
 3.1    Automotive OEM Activities
  3.1.1    BMW
  3.1.2    Daimler/Mercedes-Benz
  3.1.3    Ford
  3.1.4    Porsche
  3.1.5    Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance
  3.1.6    Toyota
  3.1.7    Volkswagen
 3.2    Other Auto Industry Blockchain/DLT Activities
  3.2.1    DAV
  3.2.2    DOVU
  3.2.3    FOAM
  3.2.4    MOBI
  3.2.5    Sprint/NXM Labs
  3.2.6    ZF
4.    How Blockchain Technologies Work
 4.1    Consensus Mechanisms
  4.1.1    Proof of Work
  4.1.2    Proof of Stake
 4.2    Business Blockchains
 4.3    Smart Contracts
 4.4    Blockchain Limitations
 4.5    Overcoming Limitations
  4.5.1    Sharding
  4.5.2    Off-chain Transactions
  4.5.3    Side Chains
 4.6    Other Distributed Ledger Technologies
 4.7    Blockchain Security
  4.7.1    51% Attack
5.    Implications
6.    How Can We Help You?

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