Author: Chris Schreiner

Publication Date: 3月 09 2016

Pages: 22

Report Type: Benchmark


In-Vehicle Infotainment UX Benchmark Ratings

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics has developed a new quantitative algorithm to score infotainment systems. This algorithm is based on survey data and ratings provided by users during benchmark studies. System scores are created based on design impressions, ease of use, learnability, HMI, and system features. According to this algorithm, the Tesla Model S emerged as the top rated infotainment system among the over 30 systems we have benchmarked.

Table of Contents

     3.1     Features  6

     3.2     Design Impressions  6

     3.3     Ease of Use  6

     3.4     Learnability  7

     3.5     HMI 7

     3.6     Expert Evaluations  7


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