Author: Derek Viita

Publication Date: 7月 05 2018

Pages: 33

Report Type: Buyer Analysis


Consumers Remain Skeptical of Automated Driving Features


Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed vehicle owners in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding their interest in automated parking and driving features.  Consumer interest in most automated driving features has stagnated, but interest in park assist has increased in two particular regions.  Large percentages of consumers in certain segments would avoid any autonomous feature.  Trust will be the key to winning over these avoiders, who will be crucial to the advancement of automated transport.

Table of Contents

1.       Exhibits

2.       Executive Summary

3.       Introduction and Methodology

3.1     Introduction

3.2     Methodology

4.       Interest in Automated Driving Features

4.1     US

4.2     Western Europe

4.3     China

5.       Why Are Consumers Skeptical?

5.1     US

5.2     Western Europe

5.3     China

6.       Insights

7.       How Can We Help?

8.       Appendix A:  Respondent Profile

9.       Appendix B:  Survey Questions

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