Consumer Willingness to Pay for ADAS Remains Modest as Interest Rises Sharply

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics surveyed consumers in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding their interest and willingness to pay for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).  Consumer interest in almost all forms of ADAS remains high and for many systems has risen markedly year-over-year. Interest in lane departure warning and park assist has shown strong growth, especially in the US.  Increased interest in autonomous driving systems shows that consumers might finally be opening up to such systems’ potential benefits. Consumer willingness to pay for most ADAS features is modest to strong, but remains low for autonomous driving features.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary
2.       Introduction and Methodology
     2.1     Introduction
     2.2     Methodology
3.       Consumer Interest in ADAS 
     3.1     US
     3.2     Western Europe
     3.3     China
4.       Consumer Willingness to Pay for ADAS
     4.1     Adaptive Cruise Control
          4.1.1       US
          4.1.2       Western Europe
          4.1.3       China
     4.2     Adaptive Front Lights
          4.2.1       US
          4.2.2       Western Europe
          4.2.3       China
     4.3     Autonomous Parking Assist
          4.3.1       US
          4.3.2       Western Europe
          4.3.3       China
     4.4     Blind Spot Detection
          4.4.1       US
          4.4.2       Western Europe
          4.4.3       China
     4.5     Driver Fatigue and Distraction Monitoring
          4.5.1       US
          4.5.2       Western Europe
          4.5.3       China
     4.6     Forward Collision Warning
          4.6.1       US
          4.6.2       Western Europe
          4.6.3       China
     4.7     Lane Departure Warning
          4.7.1       US
          4.7.2       Western Europe
          4.7.3       China
     4.8     Night Vision
          4.8.1       US
          4.8.2       Western Europe
          4.8.3       China
     4.9     Speed Alert
          4.9.1       US
          4.9.2       Western Europe
          4.9.3       China
     4.10   Autonomous Driving: High-Density Traffic
          4.10.1     US
          4.10.2     Western Europe
          4.10.3     China
     4.11   Autonomous Driving: Highway
          4.11.1     US
          4.11.2     Western Europe
          4.11.3     China
     4.12   Full Autonomous Driving
          4.12.1     US
          4.12.2     Western Europe
          4.12.3     China
5.       Conclusions
6.       Contact the author of this report
7.       Appendix:  Respondent Profile

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