Mandate Delays will Favor C-V2X in "Protocol War" Battle with DSRC for V2X Implementations

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Report Summary:

This report examines the likely rise of cellular-based solutions for V2X communication systems and their impact on deployments.  Recent developments favoring the cellular protocol include the lack of government finance for DSRC-based Intelligent Transportation Systems, the possibility of sharing of the DSRC spectrum with other industry sectors, political change that could cancel earlier attempts to mandate DSRC V2X in the US and the arrival of new LTE releases that could boost performance for C-V2X ahead of the launch of 5G.  Strategy Analytics assesses that mandate delays will only favor the adoption of C-V2X-based approaches.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
    • 2.1.Chicken and Egg
    • 2.2.Hybrid Solution
    • 2.3.Protocol War
  3. DSRC Defense
    • 3.1.Standardized and Ready for Deployment
    • 3.2.Growing Demand for Automotive Wi-Fi
    • 3.3.Cost Effective to Consumers
    • 3.4.Lack of Cellular Coverage
    • 3.5.OEM Announcements
    • 3.6.Japan
  4. Cellular Advantage
    • 4.1.DSRC Technology Ageing
    • 4.2.DSRC Requires New Infrastructure
    • 4.3.DSRC Not Finding Support from Other Applications
    • 4.4.Possible DSRC Spectrum Sharing
    • 4.5.US Mandate May Not Proceed for DSRC V2X
    • 4.6.Possible Additional Cost in DSRC
    • 4.7.Faster, Cost Effective Route with Cellular
    • 4.8.Cellular Enables Superior Performance
      • 4.8.1. Device-to-Device Messaging
      • 4.8.2. Using the 5.9 GHz ITS Band
      • 4.8.3. Link Budget Enabling Range and Reliability
      • 4.8.4. Minimum Performance Requirements
      • 4.8.5. Time Synchronization
    • 4.9.Back Compatible Advances in Cellular
    • 4.10.Industry Support for Cellular
  5. Forecast
    • 5.1.North America Dependent on Mandate
    • 5.2.Japan DSRC, Europe C-V2X
    • 5.3.China Delay, Little Demand Elsewhere
    • 5.4.US Mandate Scenario
      • 5.4.1. By Region
      • 5.4.2. By Protocol
    • 5.5.No Mandate Scenario
      • 5.5.1. By Region
      • 5.5.2. By Protocol
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