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Author: Roger Lanctot
Publication Date: 3月 27 2020
Pages: 1
Report Type: Webinar Replay



Swiss MaaS: The Evolution of Mobility in Switzerland, Europe and the World


Report Summary:

The emergence of mobility as a service (MaaS) is transforming transportation across the world introducing new systems and solutions intended to make transportation safer, more efficient and less damaging to the environment.  In the process, new companies, new technologies and new regulations have emerged to meet the challenge.  Switzerland is both unique and typical in its approach to meeting the mobility challenge.  This panel of experts will discuss the current state of mobility on the ground in Switzerland, what has been learned, what is expected, how transportation consumers are responding, and, most importantly, what’s next.
Table of Contents

  • What does MaaS mean and what is the purpose of MaaS?
  • What is unique about Switzerland’s approach and what can global operators learn from Switzerland’s experience?
  • What are the recommended regulatory approaches to support MaaS?
  • What are the outcomes so far?
  • What is next?

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