UX Innovation

UX Innovation

Supporting the Development of Winning Solutions

Our goal is to support the design and development of winning solutions in the evolving connected device universe.  By observing consumers in the context of how technology is being used, the types of experiences they are trying to achieve and the pain-points experienced to get there, we create new opportunities for clients to improve the user experience and to provide better solutions for consumers to adopt in the future. Providing actionable insight and strategic recommendations, our UX Innovation Practice is a leading supplier of user experience knowledge to the technology industry.

Research. Create. Evaluate.

Our UX Innovation team supports clients at all stages of the design and development process.  We help you to:

Identify Emerging Behaviors

  • How are new behaviors and needs emerging in the connected home, connected car and while our consumers are mobile?
  • We track consumer behaviors and needs in technology markets related to wireless devices (such as smartphones, phablets, tablets and wearables), automotive (such as connectivity, infotainment and ADAS), connected home (such as on-line video, social TV, multiscreen, smart home and next generation TV) and digital media (such as music, video, games and apps

Anticipate Customer Needs

  • How are consumer needs changing as a result of emerging behaviors and what new opportunities does this evolution present?
  • We work to identify the challenges and pain-points of current user experiences and help clients improve this to provide better solutions for consumers to adopt in the future.

Guide UX Innovation

  • What are the new innovation trends and how are consumers adopting new types of activities (such as gesture interfaces or wearable technologies)? 
  • Applying our broader understanding of  consumer behaviors and how these have evolved in the past, we help clients to prioritise which of these new technologies and trends should receive focus in the future, when designing new products and solutions.

Facilitate Concept Development

  • Which concepts should clients look at based on their strengths and weaknesses and the emerging trends which we have identified? 
  • We facilitate workshops to help clients prioritise which emerging trends should be included in future products and services 

Assess & Measure UX Performance

  • How well are our clients’ products performing against competitors once they have been released into the market? 
  • We provide a number of assessment and measurement activities to provide feedback on how well our clients’ products and services are performing in the consumer market.

In-Depth Methodological Expertise

We have extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative primary research methodologies. 

Observing Emerging Behaviors

  • Ethnographic and qualitative research
  • Consumer journeys
  • In the connected home; connected vehicle; and on-the-go

Testing and Benchmarking UX & Usability

  • Specific usability issues through to comparative experience benchmarking
  • In the lab, in the field…
  • User-centric, expert-review…
  • Traditional and non-traditional interfaces (e.g. voice, gesture)

Design & Ergonomics Assessment

  • Style trends, Qualitative development input
  • Idea generation, design exploration
  • Participatory design and co-creation
  • Form factor, Interaction mode, CMF, Design Language

Technical Performance Testing

  • Battery life (replicating actual usage conditions)
  • Processor performance
  • Display brightness, color gamut
  • Audio volume, quality
  • Video stability, clarity
  • Image sharpness, brightness, color accuracy
  • Application latency

Independent Syndicated Research Services

We support clients via bespoke projects and our ongoing independent research streams. These are available to access via subscription:

For more information about our syndicated research streams or to discuss your requirements for proprietary research, please contact us