About Teligen Tariff and Benchmarking

For over 30 years, the Teligen Tariff and Benchmarking (Teligen) name has been synonymous with the most accurate, timely and comprehensive data for telecommunications prices and price benchmarking. With our specific focus on telecommunications prices, we offer unparalled experience and knowhow to our clients, for off-the-shelf price benchmarking services, as well as bespoke price information and benchmarking systems.

Our price benchmarking services and multiplay systems are recognised throughout the industry. Our reach is truly global, while incorporating detailed information about the local markets and service providers.

Teligen has a unique relationship with the OECD spanning over 20 years. During this time, we have worked closely with the OECD in establishing and developing the OECD price benchmarking methodologies and services, which underpins our core offerings.

Our price benchmarking services are universally recognised and respected for accuracy, but importantly also for flexibility and usability. Each one has been developed with our clients in mind and all have a consistent look and feel so that customers can easily work across the different services. The Teligen benchmarking systems cover fixed and mobile voice and data services, and also extend into multiplay analysis covering the complete range of communications services for households and businesses.

Our clients benefit from a single source for all their telecom tariff information, as well as working with analysts who have a good understanding of their markets and business.  In addition, Teligen consulting experts work with major service providers and regulators around the world on customized tariff research and analysis. 

Our standard price benchmarking systems are updated quarterly and biannually and are delivered in an easy-to-use Excel based format.

For further detailed information about our price benchmarking services and bespoke solutions please follow this link alternatively contact us