UX Innovation

UX Innovation

Ongoing Insights to Support the Development of Winning Solutions

Connected, converged, multimedia experiences across multiple screens, devices and networks will be the next major battleground for the consumer mind, market and wallet share. Companies from every market segment will all need a deeper understanding of how the user interacts with and embraces new technology. In short, the successful players will consistently create solutions that deliver a winning user experience. This experience encompasses discovery, access, control and sharing of content and data.

Strategy Analytics is the only research firm with an in-house user experience practice that studies virtually all aspects of technology adoption, including home, mobile and automotive. Our insights and recommendations are based on ongoing, independent research investigating consumer behaviors, attitudes and usage scenarios, and a scheduled program of usability evaluation and benchmarking activities. We apply ethnographic, sociological, quantitative and qualitative primary research methodologies within multiple geographic markets on a syndicated and custom basis for clients around the world.

Our user experience experts interact on a daily basis with Strategy Analytics’ industry analysts in devices, media and applications, networks and other focus areas, building on a comprehensive knowledge base of industry issues and trends.

Dedicated teams produce independent research on consumer behavior and UX innovation trends in four key areas.  Contact us to find out how to subscribe to our research streams in each of these areas.