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Technological advances, new distribution platforms, cloud media services and the social media phenomenon are all disrupting how consumers interact with and consume content. As a result, the business models for advertising, music, video, film, television and games will change beyond all recognition in the coming years, leaving current participants scrambling to identify successful business strategies in a rapidly shifting environment.
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Strategy Analytics helps companies navigate this rapidly changing ecosystem. Breaking down the total media market by segment (including advertising, home video, apps, games, music and social media), and revenue stream (including transactions, subscriptions and advertising). We provide global coverage and granular regional research in almost 30 key media markets. Our customer base includes many of the world’s top media companies, operators, telecommunications vendors, consumer electronics firms, software providers, management consulting firms and investment banks.

Strategy Analytics is the only research and analyst firm that conducts in-depth supply side industry research as well as primary user experience demand side research. This balanced perspective forms the basis of our in-demand insights into consumer preferences and the impact of technology innovation.

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