Intelligent Home

The Intelligent Home is the next stage of evolution beyond connected and smart. It will define the next ten years of opportunity in home technology and services.

Intelligent Home implies awareness, learning and personalisation. It will involve a learning ecosystem  embracing the entire spectrum of home entertainment, automation, security, control and energy management applications.

Major industry players are already preparing the ground for intelligent home opportunities:

  • Processor developers are supporting cloud-based IoT smart home platforms
  • Application platforms are preparing the ground for advanced consumer interface technologies
  • Silicon valley giants are launching home device ecosystems which point the way towards intelligent systems

Consumers have shown a willingness to embrace more advanced smart home services. Respondents to Strategy Analytics’ CHX survey in May 2015 “were interested in owning technology that knows them, learns their needs and recognizes their lifestyle”.

The Intelligent Home market has the potential to support a wide range of new experiences, including:

  • Personalized comfort –temperature and humidity adapted to individual residents’ preferences
  • Intelligent audio – personalized music from directional speakers based on in-home presence
  • Community security – cloud-based service links to local security response systems
  • Routine intelligence – personal routines identifed automatically to minimise regular chores

Intelligent Home systems and services will be supported by key enabling technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, big data and analytics, contextual computing, artificial intelligence, advanced gateways and virtual and augmented reality.

Strategy Analytics’ Intelligent Home Group (IHG) guides clients through the emerging ecosystem of technology vendors, software developers, service providers and consumers. It addresses key questions such as:

  • Which technology platforms should I invest in and support?
  • Which new business models will drive revenue and profit growth?
  • How will the intelligent home ecosystem evolve?
  • What revenues will be available and how will they be shared between different players?

IHG also assesses the implications for adjacent industries such as retailing, insurance and energy. Established business practices in each of these sectors could be radically transformed by widespread adoption of intelligent home technologies.

IHG offers clients a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Consulting and projects
  • Expertise and advice
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Consumer research and insight
  • Analyst interaction
  • Market sizing and forecasts

The Intelligent Home Group continues Strategy Analytics’ 40-year heritage in continuous tracking and analysis of emerging home technology markets. Since the launch of the industry’s first information service in 1976, SA has provided thought leadership and world-class support to industry players across the ever-evolving value chain.