Mobile and connected devices -- such as smartphones, wearables, IoT, tablets and TVs -- are at the heart of our everyday lives. By 2020, more than 5 billion consumers and businesses worldwide will be connected to the Internet and cloud, in the home, office, car and street, via 20 billion wired and wireless devices.

Operators, network suppliers, media providers, software developers, component makers, investment firms and device manufacturers are today experiencing huge opportunities for growth. However, competing
technology platforms, convergence, divergence, intellectual property wars, regulatory burdens, low-profit suppliers, online distribution transformation, design talent, escalating R&D costs and resourcing decisions all represent huge threats to overcome in the world of tomorrow.

Strategy Analytics delivers one of the world's most sought-after perspectives on mobile, portable and fixed devices -- an integrated, analytical view of the total devices industry across dozens of major countries, segments and device-types worldwide.

Our devices research and recommendations provide broad, deep and authoritative data into mobile, portable and fixed marketshare, price-tiers, profit pools and other important areas. Based on the leading quality of our research and the insights of our experts across so many device categories, Strategy Analytics has worked hard to become a trusted research and consulting partner for four-fifths of the world’s mobile handset vendors, four-fifths of the world’s component suppliers, and three-fifths of the world’s cellular operators.

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