Detailed High-Integrity Data:

Strategy Analytics has built a reputation for defensible, timely and highly detailed market forecasts across our portfolio of services. We combine manufacturer, service provider, enabling technology and distribution channel company insights with expert analyst knowledge to deliver timely, actionable, and reliable support for our clients.

In addition to our forecasts, Strategy Analytics has developed a reputation for the most detailed and first to market quarterly vendor and technology level tracking across devices, networks, components and media markets. 


In addition to MS Excel data models, we provide clients with visualization tools in the form of Dashboards.  Dashboards are an interactive graphical online interface for the data from our syndicated research services, and are essentially the third main component our research services, with the first two components being the published reports and the analyst inquiry access. Dashboards provide quick, customizable charts and data tables to clients.

The tool allows users the ability to narrow down, visualize, export, and save bookmarks of custom cuts of our most popular market tracking and forecasting datasets.

Dashboards are available for data centric services in Devices, Networks, Media, Components, Enterprise, UX and Automotive. Clients with multiple subscriptions will see all of their subscribed dashboards in one place.


High-Touch, Client-Centric Engagements:

Data and reports are only the starting point for our relationships with clients - responsiveness is essential to support critical decision-making. Strategy Analytics is known for its superior responsiveness to client inquiries. Continuity is another valuable asset: our analysts and practice heads have been with the company for an average of ten years.