Real-Time Mobile Insights

What is Real-Time Mobile Insights?


Strategy Analytics defines Real-Time Mobile Insights as a process of collecting, storing, transmitting and assembling data via software-based sensors that enables the observation of interactions between consumers and their mobile devices – providing a “window” into these activities. 

Introducing AppOptix


AppOptix provides a robust implementation of Real-Time Mobile Insights deployed on a variety of mobile devices that includes smartphones and tablets using multiple mobile operating system environments such as Android and iOS. Combined with an opt-in panel of consumers and a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use set of business intelligence tools, AppOptix is a platform that provides unparalleled insights into the world of mobile device interactions by consumers. In short, AppOptix addresses critical issues, such as:

  • what activities are performed on mobile devices?
  • where are these activities performed (at home, at work, while traveling, while shopping, etc.)?
  • how frequently are they performed?
  • when are they performed (time of day)?
  • who performs them (demographics, power users, etc.)?, and,
  • on which devices (brands, models) are these activities performed?

AppOptix - Focused on Understanding Consumer Interactions with their Mobile Devices


Consumer Telemetry 360 View

The AppOptix Difference


What makes AppOptix unique is that it was designed from the ground up by a team of industry analysts, consultants, and developers with a core competency in the mobile market -- who track the markets daily and who are passionate about understanding the dynamics of consumer interactions with their mobile devices. 

AppOptix complements an extensive set of supply-side and demand-side research and user experience analysis with observational analytics – all compiled from a single source – Strategy Analytics – a trusted name for critical insights on the mobile ecosystem. SA’s ability to discern consumer trends, habits, and explain idiosyncratic behaviors via this comprehensive suite of unpatrolled capabilities makes AppOptix a cornerstone for designing, developing and executing a mobile strategy. So, whether you’re a device OEM, mobile operator, app developer, or marketing agency, AppOptix provides the fundamental tools for critical decision-making – all supported by a world-class analyst team.

AppOptix Difference

How is AppOptix Delivered?


A core development consideration of AppOptix was that it be designed for delivery via an on-line, easy-to-use, set of dashboards built on a world-class business intelligence platform to support Big Data analytics. With a massive amount of data transmitted to AppOptix databases on a 24x7 basis, the need to have a system that quickly processes, cleans, and distills the data in a fluid manner became essential, eliminating the “drinking from the fire hose” phenomenon that often occurs with Big Data applications. 

AppOptix dashboards are designed to be both intuitive and flexible to address key coverage:

Component Vendors

Consumer Insights Component Vendors


Consumer Insights Games

Media and Apps

Consumer Insights Apps and Media


Consumer Telemtry Devices

Wireless Operators

Consumer Telemtry Operator


Consumer Telemtry Demographics
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