Consumer Insights : Question We Answer

Consumer Insights the questions we answer

Consumer Insights Strategy Front-End Planning


Identifying Growth Opportunities

  • How do I drive higher sales and higher margins?
  • How can I increase market share?
  • Where should we next invest?

Category and Target

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their most important needs and pain points?
  • How do my audience define the market?

Market Landscape

  • What are my direct and indirect competitors up to?
  • Which trends will impact the future of my business?

Positioning and Differentiation

  • How is my brand perceived?
  • How do I differentiate myself from competitors?
  • What drives brand loyalty and advocacy and how can I tap into it?

Product and Portfolio Innovation and Development

Key Drivers of Choice

  • Which features are table stakes, delighters?
  • Where is the key to unlock repeat purchase and higher usage?
  • Which new product ideas have the strongest market potential?
  • Is the concept unique and appealing?
  • How well does each idea fit our business goals?

Portfolio Mix

  • What is the right mix of products to maximize market opportunity?

Portfolio Prioritization

  • What trade-offs do people make in their purchase choices?

Pricing Strategy

  • How do I determine optimal pricing for both share and profitability?

Go To and In Market Performance

Analyzing the Marketing Funnel

  • What is my retention rate?
  • Repeat purchases?
  • Where/when am I losing customers – and why?
  • To whom am I losing my customers?

Brand Health

  • How well is my brand competing in the marketplace?

Marketing Investment ROI

  • What returns am I getting on my marketing investment?
  • Which channels are most effective in driving consumer interest?

What Incentive Programs are Most Effective?

  • How are people responding to incentives?
  • Which programs are most effective?

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