Meet Strategy Analytics

TU-Automotive West Coast


TU-Automotive West Coast connects you to those from the Silicon Valley community who are advancing data usage & monetization for connected and autonomous vehicles, including AI, edge computing, blockchain and more. From the software in your product to the hardware driving it, meet OEMs, tier ones, developers, engineers, investors, and start-ups under one roof.

Why Should You Attend?

In business, it's often not just what you know, but who you know. Meet attendees from the venture branches and tech scouts of Toyota AI, Hyundai, DENSO and from the major automaker R&D centers. Make connections with the top of the value chain.

What Will You Learn?

Get insights from top experts tackling the challenge of moving from a metal-powered business to a data-powered one, from a human-driven vehicle to a vehicle-driven one. Validate your business ideas and technology with the pioneers in the industry.

What Are the Options?

- Attend as a start-up delegate: Gain access to the conference and networking 

- Showcase your product: Book a start-up stand to bring more visibility to your brand, plus enjoy conference access

The Strategy Analytics Automotive team will be on hand at this event. Please email the automotive team at to make an appointment