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Connected TV World Summit 2018

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Protecting and Growing TV Services

A key theme at Connected TV World Summit this year is how the television industry protects and grows its revenues in an increasingly competitive marketplace, something that requires broadcasters to maintain content supremacy, platform owners to further improve the user experience, and media companies to maximize the value of advertising across all screens. Among other things, the 2018 conference will explore the voice-driven upgrade in content discovery and the wider UEX that is coming, and which could prove to be a new competitive differentiator.

There will be a dedicated session called Understanding the New TV Viewer that brings you thought-provoking research from Strategy Analytics' leading analysts about user experience and consumer insights, answering questions such as "how are viewers themselves adapting to this new landscape?" and "how do they make decisions about what to watch and when to watch it, when so many more choices are available?".

David Mercer,

VP, Principal Analyst,
Strategy Analytics

Kevin Nolan,

VP, UX Innovation Practice,
Strategy Analytics

Matthew Hester,

Senior Director, European
ConsumerInsights Lead,
Strategy Analytics

Session Speakers include:

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