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GlobalFoundries Back on Track
, AV etc. 2. Analysis 2.1 Revenue and Margin Exhibit 1 shows GloFo’s segment level revenue. GloFo also gets most of its revenue from smartphones like every other foundry. GloFo's smartphone revenue grew 38 percent, driven by increased traction in 4G/5G RF front-end, mmWave, Wi-Fi6/E, image sensors, NFC, audio and power management

Report | 25/02/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Snapdragon 8G2 Puts AI on Center Stage
the SD8G1, the SD8G2 features a 18-bit ISP (Snapdragon Sight). In addition, Qualcomm offers Bokeh engine to support video recording with blurred backgrounds and an always-on camera to support always-on face unlock. Furthermore, Qualcomm partnered with image sensor market leaders Sony and Samsung to optimize their sensors for SD8G2

Report | 16/11/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

TSMC: Inventory Correction Looms
Japan fab will focus on image sensor and automotive semiconductors Handset Components © Strategy Analytics 2022 All Rights Reserved | 14 3. Conclusions TSMC TSMC posted an all-time high revenue for the 10th straight quarter in Q2 2022. Favourable exchange rates, firmer pricing, cost improvements, new

Report | 14/10/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

TSMC and Samsung Lead the Foundry Rankings
accelerate its 3GAE process node development. In addition to Samsung Foundry, Samsung LSI uses GlobalFoundries and UMC to manufacture image sensors and PMICs. Tower, acquired by Intel, posted the lowest growth TSMC posted all-time high revenue in a seasonally weak first quarter Samsung admitted a delay in the initial yield ramp-up of

Report | 19/05/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Smartphone Apps Processor ASPs Accelerating
per smartphone. TSMC benefitted from increased traction in premium tier 5G apps processors and associated content increase in areas such as PMICs, display drivers, image sensors, connectivity, haptics, audio, RF and others. Exhibit 3: Qualcomm’s 5G AP and slim modem pricing trends Exhibit 4: TSMC”s average revenue per smartphone from

Report | 07/10/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

OLED Opening Up New Opportunities for Smartphone Displays
display panel has the ability for higher light transmittance due to transparent OLED materials within the panel, which then allows for the light to fully reach the hidden camera module containing the image sensor and enable the camera to function normally. The key is to maintain the efficiency of light transmission and avoid any distortion of light

Report | 23/07/2020 Jeffrey Mathews | Components

TSMC Cuts CapEx as Inventory Concerns Surface
($12 b CapEx through 2029, 5nm, 20000 wpm), Japan ($8.6+ b CapEx, 12nm/16nm/22nm/28nm, 55,000 wpm), China ($2.89 b CapEx, 28nm, 40,000 TSMC’s High-NA is a 2026-27 story TSMC’s Japan fab will focus on image sensor and automotive semiconductors 2022 flagship chips adopt N4 while 2023 flagships chips will adopt N3 Handset

Report | 15/07/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021: Qualcomm Advances its Roadmap
addition, Qualcomm introduced camera features such as the Bokeh engine to support video recording with blurred background and an always-on camera to support always-on face unlock. Furthermore, Qualcomm partnered with image sensor market leader Sony to jointly develop an optimised roadmap and accelerate time-to-market with new camera features

Report | 03/12/2021 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Samsung Exynos: Reset in Progress
Samsung's Arm-based apps processors (AP) for its iPhone in 2007. The relationship went on until 2010, before Apple switched to in-house AP. The Exynos business is a part of Samsung's logic business. The logic business consists of foundry, Exynos AP, modem, DDIC, image sensor, PMIC, RF and security chips. We estimate that Exynos modem and APs

Report | 26/08/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

TSMC Delivers Despite Demand Concerns
advanced packaging franchise ($4+ b annual run- rate) with the help of its HPC and smartphone customers. We expect the advanced packaging business to beat corporate average growth for next few years. Mature nodes remain a stable business for TSMC, driven by speciality technology applications, including RF transceiver, image sensor, power

Report | 22/04/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Beyond Communication, Silicon Photonics Is Penetrating Consumer and Automotive Applications
is trending toward global sales of 100 million vehicles per year and as Figure 3 shows, sensing and detection opportunities in automobiles are increasing and becoming very sophisticated. Vehicle platforms of assorted sizes and purposes are becoming webs of sensor inputs. The term “sensor” encompasses many distinct functions and technologies

Report | 23/09/2022 Eric Higham | Components

The Age of Hypersonic Weapons is Upon Us (EDICON Presentation)
shorter • Much less time to close the “kill chain” • Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (“OODA”) • Consequences increase significantly • Kinetic, conventional or nuclear? • What’s the response? • Does this reset the balance of power? EDI CON Online 2022 Source: CRS image based on an image in "Gliding missiles that fly faster than Mach 5 are coming," The

Report | 28/10/2022 Eric Higham | Components

RF Industry Review: January - March 2022
RF and Wireless RF Industry Review: January - March 2022 28 October 2022 Report Snapshot Sales increased sequentially, while profits remained strong but softened slightly. Suppliers launched more 5G platforms, while foundries a...

Report | 28/10/2022 Christopher Taylor | Components

TSMC Reaffirms Semiconductor Demand
of its Capex on packaging technologies. We estimate TSMC is on track to grow its back-end revenue to over $4 billion in 2021. Apple, AMD and others use TSMC's packaging technologies. TSMC confirmed its Japan foundry JV and will use 22 nm and 28 nm technologies to address image sensor and automotive applications. Nikkei Asia recently

Report | 14/10/2021 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

RF & Wireless Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond
wireless devices, automotive electronics and broader consumer electronics markets important to the digital connected future. Components that we track include radio chipsets, RF front ends, applications processors, display panels, image sensors, batteriers and memory. This allows us to provide clients with not only data but also deep analysis

Report | 17/02/2021 Christopher Taylor | Components

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