Halvor Sannaes

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Tariff and Regulatory Blog
As responsible for the Teligen tariff and benchmarking services Halvor Sannaes is working together with the Teligen team of tariff analysts to provide high level telecoms tariff information and analysis. Halvor is one of the worlds leading experts on price benchmarking, and is a driving force behind the continued development of the OECD price benchmarking methodologies, working closely with tariff experts around the world.

Halvor has been working in the Teligen team since 1990, developing the first specialised tariff database for telecoms services. Before that Halvor worked for the Norwegian incumbent operator (now Telenor) helping key clients to analyse technical and financial aspects of new services. Starting out as a telecoms engineer Halvor was working in technical maintenance and radio monitoring services in the 1970s and -80s.

Halvor is managing most of the larger client specific projects run by the Teligen team and is responsible for the development of software models and structures used to deliver the data and analysis. With over 20 years of experience in this area Halvor has a long track record of helping clients to understand the sometimes overwhelming amount of telecoms price information, and to deliver systems to analyse and compare prices in an ever changing market.