Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Keeping up with the Tsunami of Bundled Price Plans: Benchmarking for Service Providers and Regulators
by Josie Sephton | Oct 19, 2017
Novel HMIs Will Differentiate and Ensure Minimal Driver Distraction, finds Strategy Analytics
by Diane O'Neill | Oct 18, 2017
In-Vehicle Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: A Paid-for Must-Have, finds Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita | Oct 16, 2017
Smart Speakers: Sales Head towards 24 Million in 2017 Despite Confusing Array of Choice says Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins, Joseph Branca | Oct 12, 2017
1H 2017 Tablet Apps Processor Market: Hits Growth after Two years as Revenue Jumps 6 Percent
by Sravan Kundojjala | Oct 10, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Mobile Operators and Microsoft Preferred for IoT
by David Kerr, Andrew Brown, Matt Wilkins, Gina Luk | Oct 10, 2017
RF GaN Market Pushing Three-Quarters of a Billion Dollars
by Eric Higham | Oct 03, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Survey Reveals IoT Capturing Less Than 10% of Enterprise IT Budgets
by Andrew Brown | Sep 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics forecasts the impact of the iPhone launches on second-hand and trade-in Apple device pricing
by Stephen Entwistle | Sep 27, 2017
Global Defense Spending Momentum will provide $771 Billion Opportunity for Industry
by Asif Anwar, Eric Higham | Sep 26, 2017
Consumers Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Quality of Life but Simple Use Cases Still Required to Build Trust, Finds Strategy Analytics
by Christopher Dodge | Sep 21, 2017
The Market Awakens: Business Smartphones and Tablets Rebound to Positive Growth in Q2 ‘17
by Gina Luk | Sep 21, 2017
Modular Robots Have Potential to be True Task Assistants, Finds Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Sep 20, 2017
US Smart Home Shoppers Favor Home Protection Features over Automation Says Strategy Analytics
by William Ablondi | Sep 14, 2017
Strategy Analytics UX Expert Review: ZTE Nubia Z17
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Sep 14, 2017
Consumer Interest in the Connected Car Continues to Climb, finds Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita, Diane O'Neill | Sep 13, 2017
European Smart Home Shoppers Favor Home Protection Features over Automation Says Strategy Analytics
by Bill Ablondi | Sep 12, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Apple Has Shipped 1.2 Billion iPhones in the Past 10 Years
by | Sep 08, 2017
Mobile Operators Can Improve Profitability with Unlimited Data, Says Strategy Analytics
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Phil Kendall | Sep 05, 2017
US Interactive Security: ADT Maintains Top Spot as Comcast Challenges Vivint for Second Place
by William Ablondi | Aug 31, 2017