Smart Bulbs Lining up to March into the Smart Home

by William Ablondi | Apr 01, 2015
200 Million Smart Bulbs by 2020 in Smart Homes Worldwide will be a Catalyst for Mass Market Adoption of Other Smart Devices 

Boston, MA - April 1, 2015 – Philips kicked off the smart bulb market nearly three years ago with its pricey Hue bulb, but at this year’s CES a horde of new entrants emerged.  The transition from incandescent to more energy efficient bulbs is an opening through which smart bulbs – LED bulbs with wireless radios built in, which can be controlled remotely – are gaining a foothold according to Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies latest report. Belkin, GE and Philips are joined by Awox, Cree, LIFX, Sengled and a host of others are profiled in “Smart Light Bulbs: The Competitive Landscape”.

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Key findings from the report:
  • The smart bulb market is a fragmented “Wild West” with a variety of technologies and control protocols being implemented.
  • Multi-function Smart Bulbs – those with Wi-Fi repeaters, speakers and cameras will change consumers’ perceptions of “light bulbs”.
  • Interoperability is key – consumers don’t want to have to worry if a bulb they purchase will work with other bulbs they have or will purchase. The industry must address this issue directly and immediately.
  • Lower prices ($15/bulb ) will help develop the mass market; nevertheless these bulbs are competing with incandescent bulbs priced less than $1.00.
  • As bulb manufacturers compete for market share, it is important that they have the right technology partners in order to broaden their appeal – GE, LIFX and Philips are examples of vendors that are growing their ecosystems to increase their market clout.
Quote: Bill Ablondi, Director, Smart Home Strategies said: “Smart bulbs have the potential of becoming a ‘Trojan Horse’ for introducing smart devices into homes due to their ease of installation and networking capabilities; in addition, multi-function bulbs with cameras, speakers or Wi-Fi repeaters will alter the way consumers think about what can go into light sockets.”

Smart Bulbs Lining up to March into the Smart Home

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