Strategy Analytics Press Releases

European Smart Home Shoppers Favor Home Protection Features over Automation Says Strategy Analytics
by Bill Ablondi | Sep 12, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Apple Has Shipped 1.2 Billion iPhones in the Past 10 Years
by | Sep 08, 2017
Mobile Operators Can Improve Profitability with Unlimited Data, Says Strategy Analytics
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Phil Kendall | Sep 05, 2017
US Interactive Security: ADT Maintains Top Spot as Comcast Challenges Vivint for Second Place
by William Ablondi | Aug 31, 2017
La Tecnología 4G transforma los precios de telefonía móvil en Latinoamérica
by Pawel Kmiec | Aug 25, 2017
China Unicom Investors Demonstrate New 5G Model for the West, cites Strategy Analytics
by Richard Guppy, David Kerr, Guang Yang | Aug 24, 2017
Compelling HMIs Require Minimal Cognitive Effort, According to Strategy Analytics
by Christopher Dodge | Aug 22, 2017
BMW’s ReachNow Provides Compelling Ride-Hailing Service, finds Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita | Aug 21, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 Becomes World's Best-Selling Android Smartphone in Q2 2017
by | Aug 16, 2017
50.4% of Consumers Use Their Personal Smartphones to Conduct Business, Finds Strategy Analytics
by Prabhat Agarwal | Aug 15, 2017
VR 'Try before You Buy' Use Case Most Compelling finds Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner | Aug 08, 2017
Improved Natural Language Processing will Bring Voice HMI to New Levels, says Strategy Analytics
by Chris Dodge, Diane O'Neill | Aug 03, 2017
Can Industry Players Duplicate Apple and Huawei Tablet Success?
by Eric Smith, Peter King | Aug 03, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi Becomes World's No.1 Wearables Vendor in Q2 2017
by Steven Waltzer | Aug 03, 2017
Digital Assistants: Vendor Optimism Should be Tempered by Consumer Uncertainties says Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins | Aug 02, 2017
Digital Music Overtaking In-Vehicle Infotainment, says Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita | Aug 02, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi Soars as Global Smartphone Shipments Hit 360 Million in Q2 2017
by | Aug 02, 2017
Advanced Human-Machine Interface Options Increasing in Purchase Decision Importance, Says Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Jul 25, 2017
Strategy Analytics: The Clock is ticking – Are You Ready for GDPR?
by Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Jul 21, 2017
Multi-purpose Robots Most Valuable to Consumers, says Strategy Analytics
by | Jul 20, 2017