Strategy Analytics Press Releases

BlackBerry’s BES10 has the Lowest TCO Multi-Platform Enterprise Mobility Management Solution According to Strategy Analytics
by Andrew Brown | May 08, 2014
Tablet Net Adds at Verizon Wireless, Sprint Lead Global Charge to 250 Million Tablet Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by 2018
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | May 08, 2014
Nike Sets Pace With Health and Fitness Apps says Strategy Analytics
by Adam Thorwart | May 02, 2014’s Candy Crush Saga Dominates Total Time Spent on Mobile Games, but neck-and-neck race with Zynga in Total Sessions
by Bonny Joy | Apr 30, 2014
Emerging Markets, Indoor Location and Advertising to Boost Mobile Location Based Services Market says Strategy Analytics
by Nitesh Patel | Apr 29, 2014
Android and iOS Continue to Dominate the Global Tablet Market in 2014 Q1
by Peter King | Apr 28, 2014
Samsung Leading in Mobile Payment and Extensive OS Coverage
by David MacQueen | Apr 28, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Series Riding High on Overall User Engagement, but lukewarm Response to its Content and App Strategy.
by Barry Gilbert | Apr 22, 2014
Google Search and Navigation Most Used Apps While Driving says Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner | Apr 17, 2014
Price Analysis for Competitive Telecoms Markets
by Halvor Sannaes | Apr 16, 2014
US Pay TV Subscriptions Poised for Rebound After 2013 Decline
by Jason Blackwell | Apr 15, 2014
Slow Global Wireless Operator EBITDA Boosted by US Gains
by Phil Kendall | Apr 15, 2014
Tablet Apps Processor Revenue to Reach $7.2 Billion in 2018
by Stuart Robinson | Apr 09, 2014
Smartphone Apps Processor Revenue to Reach $30 Billion in 2018 says Strategy Analytics
by Stuart Robinson | Apr 09, 2014
Conventional Airborne Electronic Warfare a Future Priority, says Strategy Analytics
by Asif Anwar | Mar 27, 2014
One Provider To Supply All Smart Home Technologies?
by Taryn Tulay | Mar 26, 2014
Three Pillars for Future Airborne ISR / AEW-C2BM, says Strategy Analytics
by Asif Anwar | Mar 18, 2014
TriQuint-RFMD Merger Solidifies Defense Market Lead, says Strategy Analytics
by Asif Anwar | Mar 18, 2014
Apple Slips While Huawei Gains In Strategy Analytics Brand Preference Survey
by David Mercer | Mar 17, 2014
Operators who deploy LTE TDD will increase their Market Value with cost effective faster mobile broadband predicts Strategy Analytics
by Sue Rudd | Mar 13, 2014