Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Electrified Powertrains See Widening Deployment from Plug-In Hybrids and the Tesla Gigafactory
by Kevin Mak | Oct 20, 2014
Opposing Regional Trends will Dictate Defense Spending Outlook
by Eric Higham | Oct 15, 2014
Despite budgetary challenges, airborne ISR asset investment will remain a critical priority
by Asif Anwar | Oct 15, 2014
Military outlook for GaAs devices to outstrip commercial market growth rates, says Strategy Analytics
by Asif Anwar | Oct 14, 2014
Replacement Demand to Boost PC Sales in 2015, says Strategy Analytics
by Eric Smith | Oct 08, 2014
Global Connected TV Device Installed Base Hits Half a Billion Units in Q2 2014
by David Watkins | Oct 06, 2014
Intel Rose to Number Two Position in Tablet Applications Processors in Q2 2014
by Sravan Kundojjala | Sep 30, 2014
Smartphone Apps Processor Revenue Reached $5.2 Billion in Q2 2014 says Strategy Analytics
by Stuart Robinson | Sep 29, 2014
Apple iPhone 6 Meets Consumer Size Requirements
by Paul Brown | Sep 22, 2014
Curved displays from Samsung & LG herald start of new wave of technological innovation in smartphone design
by Stuart Robinson | Sep 22, 2014
Holding The Ground: Sony Mobile Riding on Mother Ship's Strong Media Assets
by Wei Shi | Sep 22, 2014
European OTT Video Market to Reach $9.45 billion by 2018
by Leika Kawasaki | Sep 09, 2014
Touchscreen Controller Suppliers Atmel, Cypress and Synaptics Enable Better Experiences on Ever Larger Smartphone Screens
by Stuart Robinson | Sep 08, 2014
Strategy Analytics at Super Mobility Week (CTIA)
by Andrew Brown | Sep 08, 2014
4G LTE Boosts 2014 Mobile Service Revenue Though Impact Short-lived
by Phil Kendall | Sep 05, 2014
Less than 1 IN 5 People Online Follow TV on Twitter
by David Mercer | Sep 04, 2014
Low-Power, Wide-Area (LPWA) Networks Address a ‘Sweet Spot’ in IoT according to Strategy Analytics
by Andrew Brown | Sep 04, 2014
GaAs Device Market Posts Record Revenues in 2013 according to Strategy Analytics
by Eric Higham | Sep 04, 2014
Autonomous Driving Technology Still Evolving - Issues Remain Over Performance, Cost, Consumer Acceptance and Legislation
by Kevin Mak | Sep 02, 2014
First Replacement Wave Will Drive Renewed Growth in Global Flat Panel TV Sales
by David Watkins | Aug 21, 2014