Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Small Tablet Vendors Gain Ground in Q1 2015, says Strategy Analytics
by Eric Smith | May 14, 2015
Autonomous Features in Current Cars have Confusing User Interfaces
by Derek Viita | May 11, 2015
LTE Basebands Accounted for Over 50 Percent of Cellular Baseband Revenue in 2014
by Sravan Kundojjala | Apr 28, 2015
Revenue from Smartphone Apps Processors Grew at a Robust 21 percent to Reach $20.9 Billion in 2014
by Sravan Kundojjala | Apr 28, 2015
Revenue from Tablet Apps Processors Reached $4.2 Billion in 2014
by Sravan Kundojjala | Apr 28, 2015
The Apple Watch Will Fundamentally Change the Dynamics of the App Market
by Joshua Martin | Apr 22, 2015
New research reveals which app - OpenTable or Yelp – is owned most by travelers
by Joshua Martin | Apr 13, 2015
Amazon Prime Subscribers More Likely to Use Netflix for Video
by Leika Kawasaki | Apr 08, 2015
Facebook Accounts for Three-quarters of Global Social Network Ad Spend
by Leika Kawasaki | Apr 02, 2015
Smart Bulbs Lining up to March into the Smart Home
by William Ablondi | Apr 01, 2015
TripAdvisor: A key for hotel and airline success on mobile
by Joshua Martin | Mar 26, 2015
Mobile Cloud Storage Services Drive Loyalty and Traffic, Not Revenues
by Bonny Joy | Mar 24, 2015
Expedia Extends Mobile Dominance with its Recent Acquisition Strategy
by Joshua Martin | Mar 12, 2015
Sponsored Data to Expand Mobile Connectivity to New Consumers, Cars, Wearables, IoT
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Mar 12, 2015
Older Mobile Users Spur Data Traffic Growth in the US
by Bonny Joy | Mar 12, 2015
Sponsored Data Not Hurt by Net Neutrality, Benefits Consumers
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Mar 11, 2015
Top US Pay TV Operators Added 101,000 Subscribers in 4Q14
by Jason Blackwell | Mar 05, 2015
Nearly 50% of US Homes Will Own a 4K TV by 2020, says Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins | Mar 04, 2015
The Top 10 Advertising Markets Account for Nearly Three- Quarters of Global Advertising Spend
by Leika Kawasaki | Mar 03, 2015
New Laser Scanners Follow Autonomous Driving Strategies - Affordability and Gradual Autonomy Give More Opportunities for Compact Solid-State Sensors Says Strategy Analytics
by Kevin Mak | Mar 02, 2015