Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Tablets Shaping Up for Growth in 2016, says Strategy Analytics
by Eric Smith | Oct 05, 2015
Wi-Fi Calling a Must Have Service from Mobile Operators, says Strategy Analytics
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Phil Kendall | Oct 01, 2015
No Rush to Develop an Apple Watch App
by Josh Martin | Sep 30, 2015
Strategy Analytics: Automotive Navigation Market to Grow as Segment Shifts Focus to Autonomous Cars
by Greg Basich, Angelos Lakrintis | Sep 25, 2015
Are Consumers Willing To Be Locked Into One Connected Media Device Ecosystem?
by Taryn Tulay | Sep 24, 2015
Tweens & Technology: Understanding Smartphone Behaviors of Tweens
by Paul Brown | Sep 23, 2015
Remote Device Controls Feature Highly in Consumer Mobile Security Solutions
by Christopher Dodge | Sep 22, 2015
Strategy Analytics: IoT Usage Ramps Up; Analytics, Services and Security Top Revenue-Generating Opportunities
by Laura DiDio, Andrew Brown | Sep 21, 2015
Streaming Media Devices: The Race to Provide 'Ultimate' Media Experience
by Taryn Tulay | Sep 17, 2015
Strategy Analytics: Smartphone Battery Performance - Bigger Does Not Necessarily Mean Better
by Paul Brown | Sep 16, 2015
Consumer Usage of Smartphone Navigation Apps Rises Sharply
by Derek Viita | Sep 15, 2015
Device Benchmark: Stereo Headsets
by Paul Brown | Sep 10, 2015
User Experience Evaluation: High-Speed Autonomous Driving in 2015 Mercedes S-Class
by Derek Viita | Sep 10, 2015
The Smart TV Experience: Fierce Competition from Alternative Connected Devices
by Taryn Tulay | Sep 10, 2015
Ultra HD TV Impresses Consumers And Will Feature In 61% of Global TV Sales By 2020 - Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins | Sep 09, 2015
Global Mobile Media to Approach $425 Billion Says Strategy Analytics
by Nitesh Patel | Sep 08, 2015
Content Remains King, But To Rule It Needs A Proper Throne: Strategy Analytics and Piksel Study Concludes
by Arleen Denque | Sep 08, 2015
Publishers face growing dilemma as Internet heavyweights target news publishing
by Wei Shi | Sep 07, 2015
Wireless Connectivity Driving the $10 billion Global Home Audio Market, says Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins | Sep 07, 2015
Smartphone Data Traffic Explodes in US, Witness over 300% Growth in 2 Years.
by Bonny Joy | Aug 31, 2015