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Strategy Analytics: Three Reasons Operators Will Win with VR Video

by David MacQueen | Feb 26, 2018

Unique Position in the Value Chain Opens Opportunities for Operators


Boston, MA - February 26, 2018 – Strategy Analytics, Huawei and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s new white paper, “VR Video: Operator Opportunities in a Booming Market” shows that despite some of the hype surrounding VR evaporating, the industry continues to gain traction amongst consumers, and network operators are in the best position to capitalize on this growth.

Report author, David MacQueen, said, “There are 3 key reasons operators are best placed to not only benefit from, but help drive the market for VR video. With innovative media offerings, control over network infrastructure, and a role in device distribution, unique opportunities and business models are open to network operators. Operators can learn from the many case studies of successful and growing VR video services detailed in the white paper. They can also play a role in device distribution, helping to overcome some of the consumer pain points to improve time spent in VR, driving the market forwards.”

Steven He, Director of Huawei iLab and Chairman of Huawei VR OpenLab Industrial Collaboration Plan said, “Control over the network is a core asset for VR video service delivery and evolution. VR video services can showcase the capabilities of better networks. Operators are also in the optimal position to ensure quality of experience. Network assets give the opportunity for operators to develop new pricing plans based on volume, experience, or both.”

“Beyond pricing, operators can also use the network to reduce total cost of ownership of VR devices for consumers, increasing the addressable market. Cloud content creation and content delivery can both grow the market and open up new B2B business opportunities for operators.”

The white paper, “VR Video: Operator Opportunities in a Booming Market” can be downloaded at

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