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US Smart Home Shoppers Favor Home Protection Features over Automation Says Strategy Analytics

by William Ablondi | Sep 14, 2017


Consumers Desire Emergency Notifications More Than Programmed Lighting

Boston, MA - September 14, 2017 – US consumers are more 12 times more likely to choose Fire Alerts and Emergency Notifications than programming their irrigation systems according to research just released by Strategy Analytics.

Exhibit 1: Comparison Preferences for Selected Capabilities among US Households

Smart Home PR Chart_US 9.14.17


The report, “Identifying the Most Preferred Smart Home Capabilities in Europe and the US” presents results of a survey of more than 8,000 broadband households across Europe and the US providing manufacturers, retailers and service providers with insights to guide product development, positioning and innovation efforts.

“Analysis of our research identified capabilities and bundles of features that should be included in smart home offerings and points to several recurring revenue opportunities in the US,” said Bill Ablondi, Director, Intelligent Home Practice.

The report emphasizes the importance of companies focusing development efforts on select bundles of capabilities to create innovation pipelines depending on their strategic directions. In addition, vendors are encouraged to establish an ongoing prioritization research process to assess new features and services as they are developed.
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