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Solid State Designs To Emerge In High Resolution LiDARs

by Ed Sanchez, Kevin Mak, Kevin Li | Jul 19, 2017

New Players Hoping To Capitalize On A Potential $1.6B Market By 2024

Boston, MA - July 19, 2017 - Autonomous vehicles require high resolution sensing in order to recognize and locate potential hazards and prevent collisions with them.  Most carmakers are pursuing a multi-sensor strategy making use of the strengths of camera, RADAR and LiDAR sensors.  However, current LiDARs use mechanical scanning methods that add cost, size and weight to the sensor module. 

The Strategy Analytics report, “Solid State Designs To Emerge In High Resolution LiDARs For Autonomous Vehicles”, comments on the latest developments that use solid state designs to bring about more affordable and more compact LiDAR sensors.

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A number of strategies being used to generate solid state designs include Optical Phased Arrays, MEMS micro-mirror modules, Flash laser and Liquid Crystal Waveguide beam steering technologies.  Other technologies being used to enhance sensor performance include Frequency Modulation, “Optical RADAR”, Silicon Photomultipliers and tunable lasers. 




The kind of sensor module being developed will be compact and vendors claim could be priced at $250 each or lower.  The restricted Field of View will mean that the first deployments will be a forward-facing single sensor for semi-autonomous driving applications, such as highway cruise control, and a four-corner sensor configuration, to enable 360-degree sensing for fully-autonomous vehicles.


Another result of these new LiDAR developments is the emergence of new players in automotive, including start-up and Internet companies, such as Waymo (Google), with their own autonomous vehicle developments.  A number of investments and partnerships have also occurred.  Kevin Mak, Senior Analyst at the Automotive Practice of Strategy Analytics, said, “Such development and investment would be worthwhile, given that the size of the high resolution LiDAR market will reach $1.6B by 2024.  To put this into perspective, the market value for low resolution LiDARs for emergency braking systems in 2016 was only $157M.”


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