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Revolutionary CSP Common Data Layer and Cloud Data Base (DB) Architecture for Subscriber Data Management (SDM) enables new Telco services and Service Assurance

by Sue Rudd, Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Jun 20, 2017

Review of Five SDM Vendors: Ericsson, HPE, Huawei, Nokia and Oracleby Strategy Analytics




Boston, MA - June 20, 2017 - A major evolution in Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is giving both Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their partners seamless access to static and dynamic end user information from multiple subscriber and network databases and real time functional elements. In a new report titled ‘Subscriber Data Management (SDM) Evolves to Leverage Real Time Cloud DB Data Management solutions’ Strategy Analytics describes a major leap that large infrastructure vendors are taking to allow Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to offer added value to their subscribers - directly and via third parties.


Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is moving beyond integration of HSS/HLR data to become a personalized service enabler with Cloud based Data Management for both static and dynamic user profiles.

Infrastructure Vendors are now offering CSPs a Common Data Layer (CDL) and Cloud Database (Cloud DB) to expose both user and session activity information to appropriate partners with user authentication, security, and privacy protection.

Strategy Analytics’ new Networks and Service Platforms (NSP) service report extends its earlier SDM analysis ‘Subscriber Data Management Monetizes Mobile Infrastructure for New Services - Openwave Mobility’s SDM’ to review these emerging CSP requirements and how they are met by current SDM solutions from five major telecoms infrastructure and data base vendors - Ericsson, HP Enterprise, Huawei, Nokia andOracle.

Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis noted “CSP Telco Cloud players are now demanding a new ‘Common Data Layer’ from their SDM vendors for all subscriber related information to achieve three key things:

–   Add significant value and subscriber aware quality assurance to their own network services with the scalability and low latency response 5G demands

–   Enable information about personalized location and subscriber aware sessions or flows to be made available to end-user services or 3rd. party Apps.

–   Secure their user controlled capabilities even when subscribers are running on third party Cloud Services. “

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director Service Provider Strategies added “SDM is a key element for adding Service Agility as part of CSPs’ Digital Transformation. With appropriate subscriber ‘Opt-in’, these SDM capabilities allow CSPs to play a more important role in monetizing information for new applications, OTT players and ISP Cloud services.”


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