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Strategy Analytics: Wireless Applications Drive GaAs Device Revenue to Record Levels

by Eric Higham, Asif Anwar | Oct 11, 2016

Revenue Growth is likely to Flatten

Boston, MA - October 11, 2016 – Driven by continuing expansion of the wireless sector, GaAs device revenue extended its long stretch of growth by closing 2015 at almost $7.5 billion.

The Strategy Analytics Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA) service report, “GaAs Device Forecast and Outlook: 2015 - 2020,” and the associated data tables indicate that wireless applications account for more than 80 percent of GaAs device revenue. Expansion of this segment has been the primary driver for GaAs device revenue growth, but this report forecasts that the wireless portion of the GaAs device market will stagnate. As a result, Strategy Analytics concludes that GaAs device revenue will experience a compound average growth rate only slightly above 0 percent through 2020.

Click here for the report: GaAs Device Forecast and Outlook: 2015 - 2020

Eric Higham, Service Director, Advanced Semiconductor Applications service commented: “The GaAs device market has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade, reaching higher revenue levels each year and 2015 was no exception”. He added, “Wireless and more specifically, cellular applications have driven this growth, but it appears increasing quantities and increasing RF content in high end handsets will just barely offset price erosion and slowing growth rates in smartphones”.

Asif Anwar, Service Director, Advanced Defense Systems service added: “The aerospace and defense market will be one of the bright spots for GaAs device revenue”.  He went on to say, “We anticipate growth in all defense segments and the performance advantages of GaAs will continue to underpin these applications”.


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