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Strategy Analytics: Despite Consolidation, GaN Device Supply Chain Remains Robust

by Eric Higham, Asif Anwar | Aug 17, 2016

New Report Details Activities of 37 GaN Device Manufacturers  

Boston, MA - August 17, 2016 – Even with the well-publicized consolidation of RFMD and TriQuint, Infineon’s acquisition of International Rectifier and most recently Wolfspeed and NXP’s acquisition of Freescale, the GaN device supply chain is growing and diversifying.

The Strategy Analytics Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA) service report, “2015 Snapshot of GaN Supply Chain Companies,” lists thirty seven companies manufacturing GaN devices for RF and power electronics applications. The report investigates 2015 revenues, processes, facilities, products and press releases, along with insight into future prospects for GaN development at these companies. It also includes 2015 market share for RF GaN revenue.

Click here for the report: 2015 Snapshot of GaN Supply Chain Companies

Eric Higham, Service Director, Advanced Semiconductor Applications service commented:“While RF GaN revenue is concentrated with Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations (SEDI), Wolfspeed (now part of Infineon) and Qorvo, the entire supply chain is bustling with activity”. He added, “GaN performance enables a lot of new capabilities in high power electronics applications and we expect to see more activity from new and established players as GaN gains traction in these applications”.

Asif Anwar, Service Director, Advanced Defense Systems service added: “In the RF market, we expect defense applications of GaN to see strong growth, so this will boost this portion of the supply chain”.


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