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Strategy Analytics: Indian Mobile Users Spend 45 Minutes/day on Facebook Properties

by Barry Gilbert, Bonny Joy | Jun 08, 2016

Strategy Analytics Launches AppOptix Telemetry Research Program in India


Boston, MA - June 8, 2016 – New research from Strategy Analytics reveals that on average, an Indian mobile user spends 144 minutes per day on various apps, and   Facebook emerges as the top mobile publisher capturing one-third of the total time spent on Android smartphones.

The research is powered by SA’s AppOptix India research platform built  using an opt-in panel of Indian mobile users, a resident telemetry app, and a big data analytics environment. The report analyzed the performance of Facebook and Google’s mobile properties – the top two publishers in India. Additional findings from the report include:

·         Facebook and Google properties combined account for 31% of overall mobile sessions, 43% of overall time spent by device owners, and 28% of the total application data traffic in India.

·         Facebook properties alone  account for 32% of the total time spent on mobile devices, with WhatsApp, being the the crown jewel in India, generating 73% of the total time and 79% of the session share across all its properties.

·         For Google, the standout properties are Google Now and YouTube. In fact, Google Now already accounts for more than a third of the total sessions among Google Properties.


Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said:  “Our data shows, messaging is the most important channel for mobile engagement. Indian mobile users engage with various messaging apps 34 times per day, which is more than twice the frequency of a US mobile user.” 


Barry Gilbert, Vice President, said: “We’re excited to launch AppOptix India.. Among major markets, India indeed is the most dynamic - with this launch, Strategy Analytics clients have the right set of tools to make informed decisions whether it’s in device roadmap, network planning, or content optimization for the largest emerging mobile market.


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