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Strategy Analytics says NFV Too Risky for Operator Virtual Networking - Virtualize Networks First

by Sue Rudd, Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Guang Yang | Jun 01, 2016

NFV Too Risky? Pursue Network Virtualization First.


Boston, MA - May 26, 2015 - In a new report, ‘NFV too Risky? Pursue Network Virtualization First - How Five Independent Platforms meet 16 Operator Requirements Today,’ Strategy Analytics proposes that service providers virtualize their network and service platforms first to reduce the risks of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) beyond the Data Center as they deploy the ‘Telco Cloud’. Key new requirements must be met for virtual networking.

Strategy Analytics suggests 16 requirements for virtualizing networking platforms as a first step on the Road to the NFV compliant public ‘Telco Cloud’.

Report shows how five proven independent vendor platforms meet the requirements across different network and services.

Five Independent Vendor Platforms Deliver Virtualized Networking today.




Hitachi CTA

vMME/SGSN Virtual Network Function

Distributed Mobility Management and Mobile Access incl. Resource Management, Subscriber Control & Data Path processing


TITAN - Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC)

Scalable, Distributed or Logically Centralized signaling for TCAP/SCCP (INAP/CAP/AIN/ MAP), ISUP, Diameter, DNS, ENUM. SIP

Openwave Mobility

IntegraNFV Platform

Data Monetization, Value Added Services (VAS), Subscriber Mgt. & Video Delivery Optimization (VDO)



Data Plane Flow and Service Chain Traffic Forwarding and Optimization



Real Time Media Processing (vMRF) for Access Neutral/Cloud Delivery

Source: Strategy Analytics, Wireless Networks and Platforms

Telco Cloud demands Network Virtualization.

“Operators are finding it risky to move to SDN/NFV on their public networks without true carrier class network virtualization. They are successfully implementing NFV in the data center or for virtual Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).” noted Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analytics, Wireless Networks and Platforms at Strategy Analytics. ”But data center and end user equipment virtualization do not have the demanding requirements that public telecommunications networks do. We decided to outline a set of 16 key networking virtualization requirements that should be met first.”

“This new report describes a set of 16 requirements that are fully operational on proven platforms today” she continued. “These platforms provide a model for an NFV compliant robust high performance Telco Cloud.”

Too Risky to Introduce New Process and New Product at the same time.

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director Wireless Operator Strategies at Strategy Analytics added “As operators strive to adopt new processes for their digital transformation to ‘All-IP’ networking, it is important that they minimize the risk of service disruption by leveraging proven technology. Changing operations processes while simultaneously installing unproven ‘bare metal’ solutions could dramatically increase the risks of NFV deployment. That could actually delay the rollout of SDN/NFV next generation networks.”

Click here for complimentary Executive Summary with summary of the 16 requirements.

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