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Strategy Analytics: Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Provide Impetus To Interior Camera Driver Monitoring

by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Apr 07, 2016

While Inferred Systems Continue To Dominate Automotive, Interior Camera Deployments Will See Growth Potential And New Systems Will Debut Next Year


Boston, MA - April 04, 2015 – Most driver monitoring is currently inferred from existing sensors fitted to the vehicle, as mandated for antilock brake and electronic stability control systems, and for electric power steering systems that enhance comfort and fuel economy.  As such, deployments in inferred systems will grow from 8.7M units in 2016 to 16.8M by 2022. 

The Strategy Analytics report, “Semi-Autonomous Applications Accelerate Development in Automotive Driver Monitoring Systems,” tracks the growing importance of direct sensing of the driver’s eyes, face and head to ensure the accurate assessment of the driver’s ability to retake control from a semi-autonomous vehicle.

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“As we have seen from numerous cockpit concepts at CES 2016, interior camera-based driver monitoring systems will be required for semi-autonomous vehicles, as inferred systems using accelerometers, steering angle, wheel speed sensors and the front windshield camera cannot accurately determine the driver’s state,” said Kevin Mak, Senior Analyst for Powertrain, Body, Chassis & Safety at Strategy Analytics.  


He added, “While inferred systems only add software algorithms to existing sensors, the interior camera-based systems have greater technical challenges, such as the varying levels of sunlight in the cabin and the complexity in observing the human face - to detect the tell-tale signs of distraction and drowsiness.  The current system supplied to the Lexus LS sedan has not progressed beyond a single auto maker and beyond the luxury model segment.  New developments aim to extend the accuracy of driver monitoring and to deploy the system more widely to other auto makers.  Allied with the potential demand from semi-autonomous vehicles and the requirement to add other functions using the same interior camera, Strategy Analytics expects demand for interior camera driver monitoring to grow to 3.7M units by 2022.”


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