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Strategy Analytics Wi-Fi Report: Rapid Growth of 802.11ad WiGig Expected in 2016

by Christopher Taylor, Stephen Entwistle | Mar 09, 2016

Ultra High Performance Wireless Provides Consumers a Taste of 5G


Boston, MA - March 3, 2015 - Products using the fastest available Wi-Fi, 802.11ad, will ship in a growing number of products this year, offering users wireless 4K UHD video streaming and file downloads at breathtaking speed. 

The Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Components service report, “Wi-Fi Industry Adopts 802.11ad for High Performance,” lists the latest products using 802.11ad, and predicts rapid adoption of technology, also referred to as multi-gigabit Wi-Fi or WiGig.  Thanks to an agreement between 802.11ad Wi-Fi chipset providers Qualcomm and Intel to collaborate on interoperability, devices shipping with 802.11ad this year should work together seamlessly, helping to stimulate demand.

According to Christopher Taylor, author of the report and Director, RF & Wireless Components, “Applications of this technology include wireless docking, Cloud access, 4K video screen mirroring from mobile device to a big display, wireless VR and AR headsets with ultra-low latency, point-of-sale kiosks for downloading movies in a few seconds, and fronthaul and backhaul for small cells.”


Eric Smith, Senior Analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies, added, “802.11ad has the same or lower power consumption than 802.11ac, but allows downloading a file in one fifth the time, significantly reducing the battery drain for data-intensive tasks.  This is one reason that we expect wide adoption in premium smartphones and tablets over the next five years in support of higher demand for data.”

The complimentary report on 802.11ad multigigabit Wi-Fi is available here.


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