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Strategy Analytics: Competition Intensifies In Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li, | Dec 18, 2015

Despite Mandates Expanding The Market To 97M Systems By 2022, Direct and Indirect TPMS Vendors Battle it Out On Cost And Functionality

Boston, MA - December 18, 2015 – As chip vendors are about to launch their next generation products to support direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), the Strategy Analytics report, Tire Pressure Monitoring: Developments Raise Competition,  comments on recent developments in this market.

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  While direct TPMS actually measures tire pressures, it is hampered by its comparatively higher cost because it requires sensor modules on each tire and a receiving control unit to collate pressure data from all four sensor modules.  By contrast, indirect TPMS can be cost effective as it only requires software to infer tire pressures from existing wheel speed sensors and accelerometers.  However, indirect systems cannot provide much of the functionality of direct systems, such as inferring tire pressures when the vehicle is not in motion, and it is not a commercial proposition to calibrate indirect systems for low model volumes or where there are high variations within the model.

  Vendors, in turn, have reduced costs in direct systems by integrating the chipsets used in sensor modules and integrating the receiving control unit with those for other automotive systems, such as remote keyless entry.  Indirect system vendors have also developed new test rigs and software platforms to make the calibration more viable for shorter production runs and for wider model variations.  “This undoubtedly points to growing competition between the two types of TPMS,” said Kevin Mak, Senior Analyst for Powertrain, Body, Chassis & Safety at Strategy Analytics.  “While a number of auto makers have now placed their faith in indirect systems, the growing consumer demand for niche model variants could also swing TPMS demand back in favor of direct systems,” he added.

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