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Pay TV prices differ significantly, even between providers in the same country

by Halvor Sannæs | Oct 23, 2015

Boston, MA – October 23, 2015 – Strategy Analytics publishes new comparison of Pay TV service prices covering 31 of the OECD countries, showing significant price differences between countries and providers.

The Teligen division of Strategy Analytics has produced a new report; “Pay TV prices in OECD countries, May 2015”; showing significant differences in Pay TV prices even between providers in the same country. The study also shows great variation in the structures and underlying technologies of the Pay TV offers, even when benchmarking the most basic offers from each provider.

Strategy Analytics has reviewed the prices and contents of over 1700 Pay TV offers in 31 of the OECD countries, using a methodology established by Strategy Analytics through a number of client studies in recent years. When selecting the most basic set of user requirements, without specific requirements for content or technical capabilities like HD or recording, the ten countries with lowest prices are Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Austria and Australia.

Even among the cheapest offers per country there are Pay TV packages that include more advanced properties like HD and recording. The range of offers may vary significantly between countries. For the most basic requirements the average monthly price across the 31 countries is US$/PPP 22.38 including VAT/tax. This does not include the TV License fee found in many countries.

Teligen Director Halvor Sannaes says “This first wide-ranging study on Pay TV prices shows the significant variation between providers and countries”. Senior Consultant Josie Sephton at Teligen adds that “… some providers include advanced capabilities even in their most basic offers, adding to the price diversity”.

The study will be updated in November 2015. The complimentary report with May data is available on the Strategy Analytics’ website.

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